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  1. I did, i did. 😉 Picking up the printer by the part is no problem (interesting test). Ive tried fan off and ever so slightly on. I will go for the bed at 110 C. Only tried up to 90 C so far. Layer adhesion is usually good, even seen stress rips across several layers though, thats why Im still suspecting the material contracting way more than it should. The new batch of material will probably show a difference. I will report. Great video btw.
  2. Thanks for the tipp and the setting in cura. I have been fiddling with different settings to get it to print better. However i can't make it stop 100% especially with thicker parts. I do get warping and splitting higher up in the print. Bed and layer adhesion is more than good, the forces are just too great. In the end I think it's down to the filament i have. I did make myself a test print today with an extra shell skirt. Helped a little bit. Anyway new filament is on the way.
  3. I am having some warping issues with ABS and simmilar filaments that contract a lot. One remedy is to have a heated enclosure for your printer. However i was wondering if there is a cura setting to print the skirt to the full height of the model as a thin single wall. This would act as a draft prevention and keep a higher temperature at the model when using the heated bed. Maybe an idea to implement if not already somewhere in the program. What do you think?
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