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  1. Yeah it is also not really bug but more a user error. 😅 I also figured out the core problem. I used the wrong extrude function in fusion 360 (create a new body as opposed to join) and as you said @GregValiant basically stuck letters on top. Now I fixed it💪 Many thanks you guys have taught me a lot! cues *Figure it out*
  2. Wooh guys thank you so much for figuring out this issue and repairing my file! Awesome!😁 I am totally new to meshmixer just downloaded it for this file. Probably should look up some tutorials about it. I also did check the file not in 3D builder but in print 3D(windows). Just downloaded 3D builder which also said the were some errors in my file. So sorry about that. So I guess I am doing something wrong in my design software (fusion 360). In which make the extrusion of a SVG-file inserted into a sketch. I did not bury the letter into the original
  3. @GregValiant Why would the orientation matter? I would expect that the slicer in both scenarios would just slight alter the toolpath in the XY-plane order to form the logo. The diameter of nozzle only dictates the smallest wall you be able to print, however with most printer will be step in order a tenth or hundredth mm and is mostly depends on the (micro)steps of steppermotor(driver) and the size of the pulley. I have not tried adaptive layers but have tried slicing it with different nozzles sizes and layers height which did not alleviate the problem. I did use prusaslicer for this
  4. No unfortunately not. The strange part is some layers it prints the logo without any problems even the smallest details. Other layers is only prints a flat wall with no sign of the logo. I ended up using prusaslicer which sliced and printed the model with logo in both orientations. So I am quite convinced this a bug or I have messed something up in my settings. I will do a clean install of cura 4.8.0. to see if that maybe will fix it.
  5. Sorry the quality is a bit poor I guess. Here are some close ups. You are able to slice and print much finer details than two times you nozzle diameter. As one of my pictures can easily demonstrate. To me it is also very strange that orientation of the print cause this behavior of the slicer. It seems like a bug to me.
  6. When I slice my model in a certain orientation the logo on the outside wall partially dissappears. I don't know why this happens. The strange part of it does print the smallest detail of logo. The dot on the I. Can I fix the with a certain slicer setting or is this bug? Have had this problem with 4.6 so updated to 4.8 but that unfortunately did not fix it. This image illustrates the problem.
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