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  1. I got a new printhead from reseller. It worked fine. So the printhead was wrong labeled from factory. Hans
  2. The serial is 23f37e3000000. Can you check? I will contact reseller:) Thanks
  3. Hi, Yes it show empty when removed. I belive your right, its probably programmed as AA. Its brand new from printer box.. I guess it also related to the other problem as you mention.. Is it possible to overcome this or do I have to get a new printhead?
  4. Hi, I get an error telling that there is no material in extruder 2 when I try to use support for my model. I have 2 materials in the material station. For extruder 1 its a tough PLA, and for extruder 2 its natural PVA. The materials are found when I enter the menu on printer. Printing on extruder 1 works fine, but I cant get the machine to load the PVA. Any tip?
  5. Hi, I have a S5 bundle. When I change print extruder by load/unload/change on printer menu from lets say an AA04 to an BB04, then it still says AA04. Its also says this in CURA and Digital factory. What do I miss? I belive the printer should recognize if its a AA or BB ?? Any tip? Thanks:) Regards Hans
  6. Thanks Greg. I get it and it works. Regards Hans
  7. Hi, It seems to be related to the XY plane position of the model. The first time I tried I had the origin on the printer at front left side. When I imported the model it was placed in the middle of xy pland in CURA software. The model xyz coordinates was zero. Then it started to print outside glass plate... At printer origin. So I thought that I had to have the printer origin at centre. But then this error message show up. So some basic questions: 1. Is printer origin the same as model xyz = 0,0,0? 3. In other words, how is printer xyz origin related to mod
  8. Thank you for this information Enigma:) Regards
  9. Hi, Im new to printing and is about to start my first print job on a new S5 printer. I downloaded a model and open it it CURA. Its a well knows model I guess. Its not big. So when I send it to the printer I get an error reporting that the printjob exeed build volume of the printer. I dont understand why.. Any tip?
  10. Hi, Im new to 3D printing and received a new S5 bundle yeasterday. Looks great:). Anyway I notice a high level offset between the two print heads. When both print heads are mounted within the slot, then print head 2 is 1-2mm lower than printhead 1.. My first thought was that it must be a mounting problem, but I cant make then equel. I tried to switch and use other print head, but print head in slot 1 is allways higher then printhead 2. It this correct? or should they be at the exact same level?
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