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  1. Ok I will make some tests with Makerbot flavor. The extruder G-code is clear to me, I was talking about these settings under the experimental section:
  2. In the machine settings I have set the G-code flavor set to RepRap. I don't really know what the difference between Marlin, RepRap or Makerbot is. My printer has Sailfish firmware. I'm also confused about the start g-code. In the machine settings dialog there is one field for start g-code and under print settings I have enabled the "code for single extrusion" and "code for dual extrusion" fields. The print setting fields contain different start routines for single or dual but they are not used. Instead the start code from the machine settings is used which is dual start code.
  3. I am using a Qidi Tech 1 dual extruder printer with a custom profile made for the Flashforge Creator Pro (which seems to be exactly the same printer). I noticed that for the first layer sometimes the wrong extruder is used. So if Cura starts on the first layer with the support material (which I set to the right extruder) the printer pushes filament trough the left nozzle which is set to the standby temperature. The right nozzle is heating correctly but not extruding. For subsequent layers the extruder switch is working as expected. My start G-code ends with following li
  4. Is there a trick to set up cura that only the top and bottom layer of the support interface is printed with a different extruder? For example I want to print PLA and BVOH with 3 layers support interface like this: BVOH interface 3 (100%) PLA interface 2 (100%) PLA interface 1 (100%) multiple PLA infills (20%) PLA interface 3 (100%) PLA interface 2 (100%) BVOH interface 1 (100%) With the current settings I can only achieve: BVOH interface 3 (100%) BVOH interface 2 (100%) BVOH interface 1 (100%) multiple
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