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  1. So I think I have the issue figured out. Filleting was introducing very small errors in the models, thus making them non-manifold but for whatever reason, cura was not detecting it. Repaired in mesh maker, all the problem files print without issue.
  2. I don't remember seeing those files but will give it another try.
  3. Sorry for the delay. All your insight is appreciated. Here is what I have from this week's efforts. cap_NJF-UMS3_2021-02-18_22.24.30_X195.0Y155.0_sensor_reset.log cap_NJF-UMS3_2021-02-18_22.24.46_N1_X173.0Y155.0.log cap_NJF-UMS3_2021-02-18_22.25.03_N0_X195.0Y155.0.log cap_NJF-UMS3_2021-02-18_22.25.12_N0_X215.0Y175.0.log cap_NJF-UMS3_2021-02-18_22.25.14_N0_X215.0Y135.0.log cap_NJF-UMS3_2021-02-18_22.25.16_N0_X215.0Y95.0.log cap_NJF-UMS3_2021-02-18_22.25.19_N0_X175.0Y15.0.log cap_NJF-UMS3_2021-02-18_22.25.21_N0_X175.0Y55.0.log cap_NJF-UMS3_2021-02-18_22.25.23_N0_X175.0Y95.0.log cap_NJ
  4. I'll definitely grab the log files when I get back home. Interestingly, if I slice the same files with Simplify3D and then load that Gcode into Cura and send it to the printer it works just fine. Must be an error introduced with cura slicing? I went so far as to install a legacy version of cura on a different computer and the error persisted.
  5. Alright here we go again... This fails with a line error = 64 UMS3_Another try.ufp
  6. I will post the next time I get the error. It seems like if I manipulate anything on the build plate it seems to happen
  7. Still getting the error even with the usb removed. Supposedly they swapped out the board when I sent it in. So bizarre...
  8. I seem to be having a recurrent and persistent error which has severely limited the utility of my S3. I continue to get "line errors" on simple geometries I'm trying to print. I have been in contact with service and have really seemed to have tried everything without finding a solution. I have designed using different programs (tinkercad, MOI), updated firmware, used print over network, used local printing with two different USB drives, redesigned the object from scratch, etc etc. Finally I sent the machine into service for an overhaul last month despite it being less than a year old. It worke
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