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  1. Thank you gr5 for taking the time to help with my problem. I got it resolved with the help of "ahoeben" who informed me I had installed the wrong printer. I went on Google and saw a video that said my Labists ET4 was very similar to the Anet ET4, so I went to the printer list and downloaded it into Cura and it now works great. Thank you once again. Bob.
  2. Hello ahoeben, Thank you so much for resolving my problem. I asked on google what was the nearest printer to my Labist ET4 and it went to a video on YouTube where a guy was doing a report on the Labists ET4. He commented that it looked very like a Anet ET4, so I picked that from the list of printers and installed it in Cura and it worked great. Once again, thank you so much for your assistance. Stay safe. Bob.
  3. Cura will not save a ufp file for me to save. When I try, I get another error message. Why does Cura think I have a Ultimaker printer? I only have my Labists ET4 listesd under printers.
  4. Hi ahoeben, I have a Labists ET4. I only got it about 3 weeks ago, but it worked great up until last Thursday. Any ideas on how to fix it would be really appreciated. I am getting really frustrated with it. I have contacted Cura, but no one has an answer for me. There must be some who knows what the error message means, after all someone had to write for a particular problem or it would not exist. Thanks, Bob.
  5. When I try to place my files in Cura, it will not convert the STL files into G-code files and load them on the SD card. It worked really well until about 5 days ago. I now get this error message I have tried loading the SD card straight from Fusion and there is no problem. I have tried everything I can think of...any suggestions??? Thanks Bob. .
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