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  1. That makes sense, I was hoping I wouldn't have to print sideways but yeah. I'll try that and report back to you on how that goes, I'm just new so I'm not particularly sure how many supports I should put and wear so the whole thing prints properly but I guess trial and error are my friends, luckily it's a small build.
  2. I've attached the project file (a .3mf file correct?) to this post, and I have the Line Width set to .2 mm and there's still a hole. Nail_Project.3mf
  3. I've seen this topic posted numerous times before however none of the answers have seemed to work. I'm trying to print a model for a figure, but when slicing it puts a hole in the model that causes the print to fail. It has a small notch in the model to attach to another piece, and when zoomed into the top right corner (the tip of the triangle) there's nothing out of the ordinary. However, when slicing even on the Super Quality profile, it puts a hole straight through the model. I've attached the model, but it doesn't have the two supports I placed with a plugin
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