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  1. Ah okay, after much trial and error, I see what is meant by the issue with antialiasing. I originally thought this was in reference to the top of the model not being flat due to inconsistencies somewhere in the infill, but now I understand you were talking about the very outside edges of the lines/walls. For anyone following along that may be running into the same issue: Antialiasing was causing a slight inward taper to the 3D shape of the walls. So the bottom slices looked fine, but the taller the walls, the more splotchy the slice layers became as the wall thickness shrunk slightly n
  2. Deleting the top two layers in GCode really improved it! The slices still kinda want to put tiny bits and blobs here and there, but it's quite visibly much better than it was before. I'm afraid I still don't quite understand what is meant by "a brightness issue", since it seems to me that if this were being caused by variances in my source PNG, those abnormalities would show up in my 3D model as well. But you can see in my screenshots that the model is nice and flat and smooth. These blobs and holes in the layers are only showing up in the slices, which doesn't seem to be register
  3. The logo was drawn in Photoshop CC. The white outlines, specifically the areas that are causing me trouble, were made with a "stroke" function which automatically outlines the image in a solid color of your choosing. There really isn't any opportunity there for variables like accidental transparency or color change, since it's just a solid autofill function (as in: no human involvement that could influence how well those lines were drawn). Just to be super sure though, I doubled up on those layers and went over them again with a solid color (just in case there actually was any variance of
  4. Hello! I'm having an issue with the top layer of slices in Cura. Even though my model is supposed to be flat on top, the slices form globby, uneven layers. I hope the pictures do a good job of showing the problem. I am very new to Cura and 3D printing in general. I have had my printer since yesterday, and only downloaded Cura today. I printed some items from Thingiverse (a Chess Rook, a Benchy, and a Companion Cube) and they all came out fantastic. I read that Cura can import PNGs/illustrations, so I wanted to try making a little stencil thing from my logo. (I am a digital artist s
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