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  1. If I print it with the flat on the bottom, and ears up, my concern would be having horizontal knit lines, which may allow the part to crack more easily if over tightened. I'm printing with PETG.
  2. as a bolt passes thru the holes, i want the grain to go up/down when in place to prevent fracturing on the knit lines if they were vertical. The top when in place is the radius that shows on the left in the pic i posted.
  3. Thank you for the suggestion, it worked. BUT.....under the ear after I remove the support the ear has a very rough finish, what should I adjust to help get a smoother finish??
  4. I am printing a part with ears that protrude to the side. My support only goes under the very bottom of the ears, how can i make the support extend further up the ear, under the entire curve, not just the flat bottom? I'd like the support to go under the entire red area of the ear as shown in the pic. Cura is only putting it under the flat bottom area.
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