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  1. Any chance of having a single queue in the digital factory like there is with Grouped printers? This makes job management much easier esp if a printer goes down and it has a number of jobs queued on it (ie they'll just print on another machine). Also while I'm here, in the digital factory I can set my S5's to unavailable but not the UM3's (I can with grouped printers). PM me if you want more 🙂 Z.
  2. Seems all is good now. System is very responsive. Thanks Z.
  3. Hi. New to the cloud printing (until last Friday I used a hosted group of printers) but I too have had issues this morning. All printers where missing then when they did reappear they where randomly showing as offline. iIt's still lagging too. Is this common or is cloud printing more reliable normally? I switched from our previous setup (ie a hosted group) as often when the host printer was printing the system became un-responsive (however I do miss have a queue for a group rather than individual printers).
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