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  1. Would be nice to have some answers, I'm looking at buying another 2x S7 Pro bundles but need to know about the subscription costs we may have to start paying.
  2. Hi All, I work for a University and have used Ultimaker printers for several years. We have recently updated our firmware and as many have noted lost the grouped printer feature, which for us is very disappointing esp the lack of an automatic print queue (ie a job in the queue gets printed on the next available printer), no reprinting (very handy esp for automatic print queue jobs that fail), and the video feed in DF is far from realtime making print errors difficult to spot. We occasionally have internet outages which means we're back to usb's. My major concern though I see that the free DF only onlys one printer (we have 13 printers across the faculty and up to 7 managed stations that print to them), a subscription would cost us $6,000USD / year for Ultimaker Professional, 6-20 printers/200 users. It seems to be working at the moment however will our printers stop working via DF at some point? The subscription would mean we would have to double our print charging which would be very unpopular (we offer printing with a zero profit cost recovery to cover materials and maintenance). If I try to absorb the cost it could mean the end of in house 3D printing as the overheads are too great. Not only this but we would be paying for something that only offers a subset of the feature we used with grouped printing. It may be that we have to roll all of our printers back to v7 firmware and I assume avoid the new line of S7's. Would love to know if there are third party options that could be run locally to manage our print queues and work with Cura and UM printers. Thanks, Zane.
  3. Any chance of having a single queue in the digital factory like there is with Grouped printers? This makes job management much easier esp if a printer goes down and it has a number of jobs queued on it (ie they'll just print on another machine). Also while I'm here, in the digital factory I can set my S5's to unavailable but not the UM3's (I can with grouped printers). PM me if you want more 🙂 Z.
  4. Seems all is good now. System is very responsive. Thanks Z.
  5. Hi. New to the cloud printing (until last Friday I used a hosted group of printers) but I too have had issues this morning. All printers where missing then when they did reappear they where randomly showing as offline. iIt's still lagging too. Is this common or is cloud printing more reliable normally? I switched from our previous setup (ie a hosted group) as often when the host printer was printing the system became un-responsive (however I do miss have a queue for a group rather than individual printers).
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