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  1. Yep none of those views work. The entire placement/perspective is completely off and the zoom or vanishing point isn't even on the printer but high to the right behind the printer. Rather than zoom to the build plate or middle of the screen it always zooms to the top right of the screen making it completely unusable.
  2. The topic was the release of the new version. Try not to be a dick and be helpful instead.
  3. Am running on mac. The problem is the zoom point is high and behind the printer instead of where the zoom point should be which is the middle of the print bed.
  4. Hi the graphic for my current printer is really skewed. The zoom point or vanishing point is high off to the right behind the printer so the printer and hence the build surface/plate is almost always on an angle which means the object you're printing is always viewed at an skewed angle which makes it impossible to position and view properly. No amount of rotating or shifting levels it up.
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