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  1. Great suggestion. I’ll start there. what’s the best way to post a video here?
  2. Hey @Torgeir! I’ve got a video on my phone - sorry couldn’t figure out how to post it. i have the support material out of the machine and if I flip the switch by hand there’s no noise. ill keep working on getting the video on here
  3. Hey all, I’m getting a loud “CRRRRIK!” Noise in my relatively new UM3. the noise happens when the lifter switch lifts the support head. Sounds like gears grinding almost. The sound seems to be getting louder, but not sure what it is. any thoughts on what I should look at?
  4. I Installed the new bowden tube, collet. Also put a clip on the collet at the feeder end. I cleaned out the feeder (thanks for the instructions sheet!) Flow sensor has been on, never been disabled Print ran successfully last night. very happy about that! no movement on the bowden tube like I was noticing before. I'm going to run a longer build today and with PVA support to confirm all systems are good. Thanks all for the ideas! jg
  5. Thanks SandervG ive run a print core cleaning every time I’ve had a failure because I was under the suspicion that it wasn’t extruding due to a clog. I’ll continue to clean before restarting as well. heres what the collet looks like: It doesn’t appear to be damaged, but I’m not sure what the proper collet should look like either. I have a new collet and tube on the way. So I will replace and try again soon. looked like there was some grinding going on as well: when I opened the feeder, there was quite a bit of black PLA dust... not sure if that’s symptomatic of something else or if this collet issue would cause that as well. thanks! jg
  6. Update: Tried manually leveling the bed, and running a print. Also tried raft instead of Brim on this one. I trimmed off another 5mm or so where the collet looked to be scarred, and re-installed. Print ran for about 45 minutes when the tube popped out again. came back from the store to see a nicely printed raft, and some support material, but the nozzle wasn't extruding and it was way above the bed. after the abort I released the tension on the feeder and manually fed filament, and the nozzle extruded right away. This leads me to believe that a clog didn't occur. Hoping the collets and new tube get here quickly and that is the solution. a bit of a bummer to have a problem like this at the beginning of the journey, but i suppose I'm learning a lot. thank you for your help so far. Here's what the failed print looked like - maybe there's some evidence here that i can't see:
  7. Thank you - I have a new bowden tube and clip on order -hoping this is an easy solve. I believe it's level, but not sure, I've never run the leveling process. I'll try that. thank you for the idea.
  8. Hey Gero, thanks for the experience there. -So I shortened the tube and used a makeshift wire collet-clip to hold-er in there. What I cant tell is: is the collet issue a symptom, or is it the root cause? Even after installing the makeshift clip I'm still getting clogs (usually on the PLA side). Photos show the bowden tube popped out, a failed print, and the print head afterword.
  9. Hey Carla, Thanks for the reply. Bowden tube: I've got spare collets/ clips/tube on order. in the mean time i've trimmed down the original tube about 5mm and used a makeshift clip to hold the collet tight. Swapping collets sounds like a good thought if i keep having issues I just ordered another PLA spool as well, this is the only thing i have right now: so I will test that as soon as it shows up. and Yes, I just double-checked. My Cura settings are using the UM Tough PLA specifically.
  10. Hey there, I've just got my new UMS3 set up. I've had a handful of successful small PLA prints (Benchy etc) but have started printing larger projects (7-8hrs) and I'm getting consistent failures. The failures happen both with PPVA support and using the PLA for support structures as well. Here's what's happening: Print seems to kickoff just fine, and I'll watch it for a while, then somewhere down the print something happens to cause the printer to stop extruding. A couple of times the bowden tube gets pulled out of the feeder on the back of the machine. (I've tried trimming the tube a bit and re-chamfering, and creating a little circlip to help hold the tube in, but that hasn't helped the root cause) When this failure happens I run the print core cleaning wizard, and do a bunch of the hot\cold pulls (using PLA, as I don't have cleaning rods yet) I've repeated this thorough cleaning and retry many times now, and I get what appears to be a nicely extruding thread coming out of the nozzle. Then I start the print again and the same event happens. During the last failure: (about 30mins ago) I watched while the print failed. I was running the part in single material (PLA) and about an hour into the print I saw the end of the nozzle was clearly boogered up. I'm using the two materials that came with the machine: Ultimaker Tough PLA Black Ultimaker PVA Natural Print settings are coming from the standard CURA visual settings. I'm new to problem solving this and need some expert help. Thank you. jg
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