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  1. travel speed is 250mm/sec i had the support fan off reset it to 50% per default the middle fan is working fine! its the feeder just cant stop slipping! ive lowered the tension screw but slips even more! gonna tighten it to see if that helps! ill post a pic of the chewed up PVA.
  2. sorry its been a while since i replied, the issue is simple the feeder starts off great that after 30 min is grinding through the pva filament, only happens with PVA! i hate the God Damn inconsistency since the material has always been ultimaker pva! in help other than adjusting the screw on the feeder!?
  3. there is no clogging in the BB core, when i go to materials and manually move the filament it flows perfectly, is there a way to slow down the feed rate , i guess i can slow down the travel speed?
  4. and they have but all of a sudden im noticing that the support isnt printing well because the pva feeder keeps slipping...if it goes at a slower feeed rate it seems to be consistant,...is there a way to set the speed feed rate in cura for filament feed?
  5. sorry i meant the tree model i was printing was coming out incomplete , also does PVA leave scarring because i have seen scaring on prints before when using PVA. and is there a way to have the raft print with only 1 material and not both, i didnt see it in settings! ill post pics of new support print hopefully it comes out well.
  6. So the cube came out great over all, minor issues and dimensions were within range and adhesion was excellent... The only issue now is why the support for the tree print isn't printing correctly, the pva flow is good, I don't get it
  7. First things first, the cube over all came out well and I did have 3 minor issues that I have highlighted. I tried another test with support and it was a disaster as u can see, idk where to even begin...the only good thing was there was no warping off the build plate. Also I used raft but it was printing raft with both materials, is that normal?
  8. QUICK follow up on the situation, i use skirt and i think i will turn blob off as well, and i will be using raft from now on i believe. the liberal use of the glew stick might have kept my print from warping this time that and the raft, either way their all gonna be use now.
  9. also one quick question as well, when the printer prints the blobs, the PVA it over does it and idk how to stop it, the stuf comes out so much it engulfs the nozzle, that cant be normal ?
  10. thats a fun read, does hair spray work with nylon too or just abs?
  11. I do agree that i have always run the bed at 85C and yes i do use the elmers glue sticks, is ur way better if sooo i shall do that ! i dry my filaments 24 hr and keep them in drying while printing, so im 100% thats not the issue, i used autolevel so that shouldn't be issue either i read that ultimaker says to also make the first layer thicker, will try that out and see how it works! also the supports i put in just cause. back to the grind!, ill post pics and keep things updated in case others have this issue!
  12. the fan for nylon is off, the fan for pva was 50%, im gonna do a few more test cubes and than adjust fans, i have worked with nylon long enough to have an appreciation for having fans off lol
  13. the adhesion was correct but i think once the nozzle dug in it must have moves the part around , since the tower was fully intact, as for the leveling, it was auto leveled so it looked good!
  14. Sorry for the language just incredibly frustrated. It's funny cause the first layer is flawless and than the printer does idk what, it printing stuff that I'm not even seeing in cura, layers I've used custom profiles that have gotten me great results, the last picture is of a perfect piece. The first 3 pictures are of the failed print and the cura. I use ultimaker pva, and NylonX from matter hackers. Both spools are brand new and its not the material because the flow is excellent the adhesions is excellent when I break pieces apart to see the layers, it's all fused as one piece.
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