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  1. I have been reading a lot about what line width you should use. Some is saying that 0.4 is the best, others 0.38 and some around 0.45. Why is Cura default at 0.4? What is the downs and ups for going under 0.40? What is the ups and downs for going over 0.45?
  2. Worked out really good! Thanks! retraction (1).gcode
  3. Oh, so that’s what happened here then! Did not know I did not have coasting on there! Sorry! But that’s explains a lot with those small tiny holes at all my prints from yesterday and back! Must had accidentally turned of coasting… but did a slice with coasting and without it and it’s seems todo the trick in the slicer now for the fun part! 3D printing! Hope it will work out really good! 😀 thanks for taking your time and helping me out! Appreciate it very much!
  4. I can't see any gaps in the preview!
  5. Hi! Here is my files! We are currently looking in to it at this thread also but all help is perfect! Thank you! OPM_visual-method-cube.3mf OPM_visual-method-cube.gcode
  6. Hi! Here is all the files! Hope you can find where it goes bad! OPM_visual-method-cube.3mf OPM_visual-method-cube.gcode
  7. Oh, that is understandable when you say it! I will very happily post the settings file when I get home, later today Thanks!
  8. Have had the same issue on 3 models now and don’t know really why! I am confident that it’s not in the preview but will make a recording of the preview tomorrow and all my settings again. I will also try and record the start of the print so can see more clearly but it’s just after the skirt when it’s moving the nozzle in to start printing. Then this issue appears directly to the first layer/s and even with after infill it’s still there!
  9. It looks like it’s not extruding there or that it’s just ignores it, can’t find it in the preview in the slicer!
  10. Got it finally working after 6h of testing but got another problem, it’s a tiny hole at the start of the print! It is missing an tiny area when it starts printing for some reason and I can’t understand why! You can see the gap in left corner! look at this! Filter out tiny gaps is on/off combing all, not in skin
  11. Hi! Thank you for your fast reply to my issues! The printer that I am using is a Prusa Mini+, over 4mm will in retraction cause big extrusion issues as clogs and jams! The Prusa team told me never to go over 4.2mm, that will create issues such as jams and clogs! I am also printing PETG, its has been dried for 5h in an oven at recommended temperature from the filament maker.
  12. Alright, I don’t know what I should do right now and where to start! I did a stringing test on teaching tech and went perfect with the last two but when I am doing another stringing test with the settings in Cura i get a new spider nest! What should I look for? Change? Something I have missed? Here are all the settings >> https://youtu.be/MXZjUOUzSJY Here are the retraction settings from Teaching Tech https://imgur.com/a/vHjB06x
  13. Hi! I am having some issues with my test cube, that its a tiny gap in the left corner, it goes all the way to the bottom and cant find why it is happening! Here is the cube: https://imgur.com/a/trrILEo Here is the settings: https://imgur.com/a/H4KUxdl Thanks!
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