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  1. Robert, Yesterday I tried to swap the collet with the second feeder with no luck - the same thing happened again. I even cut off the bowden tube by 1/2", where it's damaged buy forcing out of the metal teeth. How likely is it that all collets are defective on the printer? Or could it be caused by some other issues? Thanks.
  2. Thank you Robert. I will contact them. I'll report back if this problem has been resolved.
  3. Thanks for your reply - but how could this coupler dislodge randomly middle print? If this is true then that is a serious design flaw that the whole printer relies on this one tiny plastic clip.
  4. Hello all, I've encountered an annoying problem on my brand new S5. It happened to all my first 3 large prints (ran a small test and it worked fine) - the extruder motor keeps pushing the material but the hot end decides to stop spitting filament mid print, resulting in this huge mess of entangled filament on the back. The pushing force is so strong that it dislodges the feeder tube. Please see attached images - (sorry for the sideway pics)... Everythiing was set properly. AA for PLA, no BB in use. The printer doesn't even send an error message, shows it was done printing - faulty flow sensor too? Did I get a lemon? Your help is appreciated!
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