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  1. Hello - we have a Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle and when trying to do dual extrusion it seems like there are issues with the filament really adhering - both the PVA and the other filament we use (PLA or PETG). I have attached a picture of the latest failure. You can see how there are little bits off to the sides, etc. We also got an error message that lead to this page: https://support.makerbot.com/s/article/1667418045432 Any tips would be appreciated.
  2. Hello - we have a Ultimaker S5 Pro bundle and I believe that there is broken PVA filament in the decoupler of the 2nd tube. When I took off the tube at the top of the decoupler there was some filament sticking out - I pulled it out and then tried to put filament in to push any further pieces out, but with no avail. When I stick in filament and push it in the top of the decoupler it only goes about 2 inches and get stuck. When I go from the front and try doing it through the Material Station, tube 2, it goes about 12 inches and then won't go any further. I saw some other posts about PVA breaking and someone posted this guide (attached) - but I'd prefer not to have to take the whole thing apart if possible (for obvious reasons lol). I've tried this and it doesn't work: https://support.makerbot.com/s/article/1667337954457?_gl=1*1pb9q1q*_ga*MTEyMzE1OTMyNS4xNjM5NDQwMzEw*_ga_JHX8W909G8*MTY3NjY2NjQ5My4xMy4xLjE2NzY2NjY5MzIuMC4wLjA. Any assistance anyone could provide would be appreciated. Repair-Manual-Material-Station_Prefeeder.pdf
  3. Thanks - I ended up submerging the whole buildplate in water and then in about 30 minutes I noticed it had popped right off the buildplate. I like the suggestion about getting a spray bottle & thanks for the tip about the freezer - I definitely will wait for the buildplate to cool completely and then try the fridge as you suggested.
  4. Yes, we do have a spatula - I was trying to use that and basically was breaking the supports - which obviously wasn't a big deal because they were supports, but it was still super hard to get off. I ended up taking a rubber mallet and whacking at it to dislodge it - which isn't a great option lol. I'll keep the idea in mind of putting the whole buildplate either in water or the fridge/freezer and see how it goes - thanks.
  5. I have tried using Ultimaker PVA for supports on 2 different projects - while it has worked it has been really REALLY tough trying to get it off of the print bed. Has anyone else had issues with PVA being stuck to the print bed/does anyone have suggestions on what I can do to help this issue? Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks for the response - we have Firmware 7.0.3 running. And just to ask in advance if you say we need to update it - how would I go about it? Considering that the printer is not hooked up wirelessly. Thanks!
  7. Hello - I was able to print with print core AA with extruder 1, but then when I tried to print the exact same object with print core AA with extruder 2 it gave me the following error message: " Difference between detected height of both print cores exceeds realistic values." I would appreciate any advice on what steps I should take to be able to use extruder 2. I did change the print core for extruder 2 from what it came with - the BB - but I didn't think that it needed to be re-calibrated after changing the print core....? Or am I wrong about that? Thanks again.
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