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  1. Hi and thank you for your answer. I have actually tried this. An ethernet cable with internet is connected to printer and it doesn't seem to have any trouble downloading firmware it's when it is trying to install the firmware it fails. So I think I can confirm that it has internet access. Also when I put the two files on memory stick they don't show up. The printer doesn't recognise the files. So I can't do that either I'm afraid. If I download the 5.3 version it recognises it and I can choose to start installing it but it fails to verify it after a couple of seconds. It doesn't seem to be any way to get a new version of the firmware in, maybe I'll need to get a new motherboard?
  2. I have a UM3 with firmware 4.3.96 and I am trying to update it but it fails to verify. WIFI setup doesn't work. it fails to create a hotspot but cable works partially. When I use a cable the UM3 gets an IP and I can connect to that IP in the browser. Cura finds the printer but won't stay connected - I get the blue check mark for 2 sec. so I can't do anything from Cura. I have tried most of what I ca find by googling b ut nothing seems to work. Please help!
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