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  1. Wow, an encyclopedia of information in one post. Amazing! Thank You I didn't have the Ironing Speed visible and when I enabled it it was set at 25mm? I inserted all these settings and try them out today. I'll try this one next True. In the past I would make these as hollow tubes and they worked well, I decided to try to use end caps to see if it would be better. I even tried to print the end caps separately and glue them in place Some of these models I make are up to 4" in diameter and your robust settings may be just what is needed Winter trees is hollow and works well. The fern has a top and bottom layer and is 4" in diameter (yet to be printed
  2. Hi Greg, thanks for replying. Here is the 3mf file saved as you requested TopLayerTest.3mf
  3. FWIW, I have the same problem and I was hoping someone has an answer. I'm trying to get a better top layer that doesn't sag TopLayerTest.3mf
  4. Ok, I think I understand what you are saying. My model was centered in Fusion 360, but when placing a 3mf file it will land on the front left edge because that is the nature of the beast? Thank you for taking the time for such an in-depth explanation
  5. Hi Dustin I've turned that on and off to see if it helps, it didn't make a difference either way. I guess I took a snapshot of the screen while it was still on. Is there something else I might turn on or off? Thanks
  6. When I load a 3mf into Cura 5.2.2 the model drops on the left front edge. I know I can move it to wherever I want using the cursor but I was wondering if there is a setting to have it drop in the center.
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