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  1. This is just a part of money which are needed - you must count also encoders and other expensive things - also is a waste of money without good quality $$$ controller (using for this arduino is as using a Porshe with 1.0l engine).
  2. If is about printing prototypes then you really need something which generate removeable/soluable support for parts - I was not able to print any of our prototypes with Ultimaker and RepRap only UP! was able to do so, RepRap and Ultimaker printers are good for statues and very solid objects but for example if is about prototype for TV remote controller then too many "flying" sections which are impossible to print without support. But if your prototypes are very solid or self supported models then is no problem.
  3. This is why this topic make me laught the most "- zero support from vendor side" so Ultimaker is na OpenSource project or some vendor profit project ? I was thinking OpenSource projects are to spread ideas but now clearly I can see this is only for selling a goods - All sources are way cheaper there. - Vietnam is even more cheaper in my bearings from Ultimaker kit was wrote made in vietnam this means they have even more cheaper manufacturing cost Also coolers made in China other things mostly also as I can expect - the fastest shippment possible will be 2 weeks until arival - they offer f
  4. Yes this looks simple same as building a RepRap which everyone estimate for 250-300USD and few days of work and then finishing up with 700USD bill many reordered parts and 2 months of work (including sourcing etc. in this days is a little simpler but before this was very hard job). When I try to also get a piece of ultimaker cake and ask about aluminium etc. parts then my calculation was about 20k USD needed to spend just for startup - no factory which want to even turn on machines for 1-10pcs maybe they can do it if you are a big company for which they want to make just a samples and then the
  5. I think size of this details is much more bigger than possible resolution which you can get with plastic printer, for this kind of job you will need to find some UV curable resin printer.
  6. Just to make sure that you understand why I think this should not be on eBay: Ultimaker is a registrered trademark. Their licence gives the right for people to make & adapt the machine, however it is not allowed to sell it under the Ultimaker name (and thats what they are doing). Ultimaker can sue eBay for selling counterfeit items I would classify this one as "fake/counterfeit items", how unfortunately it would seem. If they can produce cheap machines, then I would suggest they put their effort in building a new kind of ultimaker, instead of just claiming that they are selling official
  7. I contacted them also with question about slider blocks and they answer to me this are rev3 with additional 10mm screw and just picture is taken from side where this is not visible I will ask them about some more pictures. About CC/BY-NA license - better to let them on eBay - I preffer Chinese selling this expensive on eBay than dealing with bulk qtties with 5USD profit on alibaba. 7 days eBay return policy looks ok including PayPal. Picture of pulleys and extruder which they put on the auction contain the most complicated parts even moulded PEEK insulator so this is not a joke.
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