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  1. The Marlin People are only disappointed by the stupid addition to the GPL3 license. And we don't like the way they attack Marlin with the new name and false claims. The name Marlin is chosen because of 2 reasons. 1. My name is Erik van der Zalm. Zalm is dutch for salmon 2. My first printer was a mendel from mendel-parts. They released a new printer called Orca. (Marlin was only available for gen6 at that moment) So it was clear it should be a fish name. We chose Marlin. A fast fish. Jetty and Dan chose sailfish because it is the fastest fish. I though also about that name. I even us
  2. Hello Alex, Can you give me a pull request when you ported it ti the last Marlin? The I can include it in the main branch.
  3. Hello Carotti. The last Marlin version has a PID tuning feature. It is very experimental but it works on my Ultimaker. You can start it with M303. It will display the temperature. After a few temperature cycles it will display Kp, Ki and Kd values. You can use these values in the configuration.h file.
  4. Hello Daid, They have the same acceleration now in sprinter experimental. I do not know why they did it. The question came from josef prusa (nick josefprusa) on #reprap Ask for josef or Kliment. Best regards, Erik van der Zalm
  5. Hello Daid, On IRC some ppl are interested in your marlin build implementation. They want to make a website for Sprinter. are you willing to open source it? Best regards, Erik van der Zalm
  6. Hello Daid, If I sellect gen6 and 644P it does not compile.
  7. Hello Daid, Very nice feature, Let me know if you need any changes to Marlin to improve it even more. Maybe one feature request. Can you make a save and load function. Then it is possible to store your settings if you want to upgrade to a new version. (Or is this already possible) Best regards, Erik van der Zalm
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