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  1. I just wanted to say, 150mm/s and 0.32mm layer thickness at 200 degrees through a 0.4mm nozzle. And I'll leave these here..... Also, 200mm/s retraction... Ok that was kind of a lie at the top. It will absolutely do that, but I have to turn the stepper current up too high, as it stalls out at that speed and lower current. With a normal current setting, I can run 100mm/s at .32mm layer thickness and 200 degrees.The filament never slips, the stepper just stalls, which is awesome as the filament neer grinds out so I havnt lost a single print since installing it. =D Happy days.
  2. Soooo.... my ultimaker snapped one of its long belts a few days ago, I have no idea how this happened, but there is not 1 sleeve of 240mxl belt in all of Australia, so if i want to buy a single 1/4inch belt, I have to pay $70 to get the whole sleeve imported, and it will take upto 2 weeks. Does anyone know somewhere online I can get one and get it express shipped for less than $1,000,000?
  3. ok so it turns out i had an ultimaker in my cart.....but its still $80 for the cheapest tracking option, and $35 for uninsured with no tracking ( so the postage company could just throw it in the bin and I would never know) why cant ultimaker just use regular post for small parts?
  4. So i got all excited about the ultiController...went to the shop to buy it...then postage to australia is $150....booo!
  5. ok so i printed the quadcopter arm to test the strength of pla parts, after breaking it, this is what the cross section looks like. Its like this extremely consistently, all the way through the part, the black arrow shows where the wall is so distorted it doesnt even meet up with infill, and the blue shape exaggerates the distortion of the inside wall of the tube, while the red shape exaggerates the distortion of the outside wall of the tube. Ive double checked the belt tensions, and there all fine, I find it extremely weird that the inside and outside walls are not distorted in the same dire
  6. sorry i havnt had a chance to take photos yet. the z layer holes are perfect im thinking at the moment it must be somthing to do with the way skeinpypy generates the path.....ill take a photo soon
  7. the belts are pretty tight....but ill try making them tighter, it seems to consistent to be the belts, all the holes seem to be kinda of squashed, but in exactly the same way on every layer, so that the walls are smooth....its weird, ive had a fair bit of experience with cnc routers, and never seen anything like this
  8. For anything smaller than about 15mm any round shape i try to print is very noticeably not round, whats going on?
  9. Ok I must say, I have been using beta 3 all day on other models, and it really is crazy good, my prints come out sooo much nicer than when I'm just guessing at settings with skeinforge, well done!
  10. Ok so here is the file im trying to slice..... its from here ( http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:14248 ) but i scaled it up and split the stl into 2 seperate parts (upper and lower jaw) using rhino (a nurbs modeling program, it was the only way i could think of to edit the stl), i then repaired it up with netfabb basic. I did a similar thing with the top half of the skull, but I just tried slicing it many many times, and eventually fluked a success. Ive also had skeinpypy (the previous beta) fail on other models though. The settings im using are layer height =0.1mm wall thickness =1.2mm
  11. oh i do get this error at startup though......however i didnt get the same error on mums computer and it still crashed at the same point.
  12. just tried running on my girlfriends laptop (also windows 7), and my mums pc (xp) with the same result, not having fun :(
  13. Woah its awesome! but running on my laptop i still get the "somthing went wrong during slicing!" error :(
  14. I think youll find that its a 0.3mm gap, because the nozzle can only print 0.4mm lines, if you try to print a 1.5mm wall, it will actually just print a 1.2mm wall, since thats the most number of lines it can fit...i havnt explained this very well, just try setting your wall thickness to a multiple of 0.4mm
  15. when i try to generate g-code for some models (specifically the large dinosaur skull on thingiverse) skein pypy allways crashes somwhere after the fill stage, and no g-code is created, ive even tried repairing the models in netfabb-basic, and scaling them smaller and larger, but the g-code still never completes, any help would be awesome
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