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  1. Thanks Owen and Daid for the links.
  2. Hi there I was wondering if there is any good source to learn to read/unterstand Gcode. I really want to know what all those M104 etc. codes mean. Thanks for your help.
  3. Great! I'm looking forward. I really appreciate the work you do with Cura. Thanks again.
  4. Hi Daid Thanks for your help and fixing this in your next version! Btw. where do I find out when you next version is ready? So, for a quick fix I could just remove this line wiht "G1 E0"? Dominik
  5. Hi Daid I checked my .gcode (download it here) and can't find an "F0". Some infos: I installed profiles from Paul for Netfabb and used for print quality the "1a: Standard Quality - Filled Object" setting. I even added that at the beginning of the code: M92 E14 Dominik
  6. Hi there I want to test the slicing with Netfabb and try to load the generated .gcode (this) with pronterface but on the commandline I get this error: 0 mm of filament used in this print the print goes from 5.01 mm to 12.24 mm in X and is 7.23 mm wide the print goes from 197.81 mm to 200.0 mm in Y and is 2.19 mm wide the print goes from 0.0 mm to 49.93 mm in Z and is 49.93 mm high Exception in thread Thread-1: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/lib/python2.7/threading.py", line 530, in __bootstrap_inner self.run() File
  7. Thank you Daid and Joergen, especially for the sealed bag hint.
  8. Hi Daid Thank you very much for your reply. Will add this in my next print and test it. Btw: you did some great work with Cura! Dominik
  9. Hi there I'm using the Netfabb 4.9 on OS X Lion (I know, i shouldn't) with Paul's profiles (thank you). But I want to try it as a slicer and then pass it to Cura. Calculating toolpath, save as .gcode works without troubles. The problem is while printing, the extrusion values are too high! The extrusion stepper motor turns like crazy and of course it can't carry the filament. When I slice it with SkeinPyPy everything is ok and the values for the extruder look like that: E0.2... E0.3... E0.4 compared to the values generated from Netfabb: E1.2... E30.2... E50.44... E80.12 Any suggestion?
  10. There are two types of bearings used by the Ultimaker. Linear ball-bearing and bush bearing (the ones on the X/Y rods where the belt pulleys are). As far as I know are the bush bearing self-lubricating and the linear ball-bearing are pre-lubricated. So, the only thing I have to lubricate is the M8 Z thread. Or are there some positive experience with putting silicon on the rods?
  11. Are the fumes from the melting PLA harmful? Do I need ventilation or open an window? Thanks for your answers.
  12. I had the same issues, the extruder didn't work while trying to print. Tried it with ReplicatorG 25 and the Netfabb demo version both on Lion. Had no success and was overwhelmed by the thousand of parameters you can change. Then I read this post and tried Diad's 24-steps solution. And woohoo, it's printing! If you want to do your first test print with no hussle, try SkeinPyPy. So, now I do have some start to point and do my fine tuning. Thank you Diad.
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