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  1. Hi. Please, see the bottom part of the post in page 1 and the first post in page 2, is this what is happening to you? Then it's because when you are printing, the head extruder hits the final top ends in X-Y axis. I dicovered it by luck :-) http://forum.ultimaker.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=888&start=15
  2. Thanks for your coments I'm trying to improve my prints, little by little...
  3. I have just discovered why the cup in the first photo was wrong: that happens when while you are printing, the extruder hits any top-end, so that deformation happened when the cup reached more diameter (its diametres grows towards the top) and hitted the Y axis top-end. Bye!
  4. Hi Technicality. Yes, I still have the old components, but I have nothing to measure anything, sorry. By the way, It's suposed these components are going to be sent to Ultimaker people to study them. About the cup, it must be a normal cup, so the final print was wrong, but I don't know why... Thanks for your comments.
  5. Thanks to everybody who tried to help me. Yesterday I received new stepper and new extruder motor from people of Ultimaker and this morning I've been printing some things, the printer already works!! It was a problem with the extruder motor. A big problem for me but finally it was solved. Bye!!
  6. Thanks Daid. Better than words:
  7. Well, I have filmed some seconds showing what happens usin the configuration wizard window of Cura: Any idea?
  8. Hi frodeheg. This mornig I have just reinstalled ReplicatorG 35, netfabb and the Arduino controller and I couldn't solve the problem... Now I am trying again with Cura. Thanks!!
  9. Hello mr_seeker. I tried with ReplicatorG 35 too...
  10. Hi Daid. I sent them the older ones and I am using the new ones. Thanks.
  11. I have just opened a new post here: http://forum.ultimaker.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=888&p=5183#p5183
  12. Hello to everybody. I'm new in this, I've received my Ultimaker 2 weeks ago but I couldn't print anything but air because my software cannot control the extruder motor. I have to say that I only speak a bit of english. I began to write what I'm trying here: http://forum.ultimaker.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=7#p5137, but I've just decided to open a new post so more people can read this and get a faster solution... I tried 0026-0034-0035-Cura-Netfabb softwares, I've installed and uninstalled all of them several times, I turned the stepper-screw to the right, to the left, I changed the steppers and almost prayed to all gods in the world, but I couldn't get anything with the extrusion. I have to say that the motor receives power because sometimes it try to move. Thanks to everybody for suggestions. PD: please write suggestions in this post. This will continue...
  13. Finally I got nothing using Cura to solve the extruder problem. I went back to ReplicatorG. So I switched extruder in X switch and it run, I switched it in Y switch and the extruder run. But when I switched X motor first and Y motor later in the extruder switch, none of them run... My great conclusion: the problem is in the stepper control, but what? Software? Hardware? (Sorry for my english, but I speak only a little)
  14. Now I'm trying with Cura RC3. When I want to print those 100mm, the motor doesn't move at all. I'm turning the stepper screw but it keeps without moving. Any suggestion? Thanks...
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