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  1. Thx! After a lot of experimenting, replacing the arduino etc, it turned out that my lower endstop switch of the Z-axis was blocked by a piece of PLA. So, the printer was thinking it was at lowest position. Removed it and all works now. Thanks anyway!
  2. Hi all, Not sure if this is the right place, but I have a similar issue, although it's about an Ultimaker Original. Hope one of you guys could help me! My Z-axis does not move as expected (goes forward, not backward). Stepper drivers and stepper motor are OK. Curious if I can connect the Z-stepper motor to the not-used 5th port/socket. However, I'm not sure if I can manage changing the firmware. My questions: -Is this the correct location for the UM Origal firmware: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Marlin/) -How to change the pins in the software..? Hope you can help! Thanks!
  3. This new support method works very well - Just an additional brainwave: With this new method, ánd the new dual extruder set.. You should be able to the print support with the same material but at a lower temperature, so that the support breaks off really easy.. Would that work? Ciao!
  4. Hi, What happened to Printrun with the new version of Cura? The reason that I ask is that I use an old PC to (remote~)control my Ultimaker, and my laptop to compile G-Code. Thanks!
  5. Thanks, Daid and Rewolf! I tried loosening the pulleys, balancing the tension and re-tighten them. The tick was gone. But after printing 30mins, the tick returned.. Oiling didn't help, and I checked the endcaps - that wasn't the cause.. Any more ideas? Could it be the bearings?
  6. Hi! First of all, my Ultimaker is working really fine, but.. it makes "ticking" noises when the print head moves from front to back and reverse.. I think it started when I put some more tension on the belts, but the tension is not really that high. Lowering the tension does help though.. Does anybody recognize this? It's really difficult to find the root cause, the wooden frame works as a resonance box when trying to locate the sound.. Hope somebody can help.. Thanks!
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