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  1. smorloc

    Idiots Guide to building a HOT BED !

    I am surprised by the priorities. They have a working Hotend & Extruder. I would have thought that filling in gaps in the product would make more sense...
  2. smorloc

    Questions about warping and supplies

    What is your technique for doing this? A plugin? Manually adjusting the temp during the print? Something else?
  3. smorloc

    plugin to change speed and temperature?

    rafael, I have a plugin that I think meets your needs. You can find it at: https://raw.github.com/smorloc/CuraPlugins/master/TweakAtZ.py Steve
  4. smorloc

    Ulticontroller flaking big time

    I received a bad UC (it has a display problem) with my UM. It took me a couple of months to realize that there was a problem. When I contact UM support, they told me it is not covered by the warranty and directed me to https://shop.ultimaker.com/terms , section "9. Guarantees and liability"
  5. Has anyone in the US found a source for replacement belts? I have found a couple however the minimum order size & shipping are pretty unreasonable.
  6. Does anyone have any tips or techniques for beautifying completed PLA prints? With ABS models, you have acetone that can be used to in different degrees to finish the surface & coverup blemishes. Is there anything similar that can be done with PLA? I have numerous approaches without finding anything better than whittling with an Xacto knife. I have had some promising results with a heat gun, but it is too unreliable..
  7. I am currently running a gear set by geodesign http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:40334 that so far is working well. The knob is too weak to be useful, so I would skip that option. Also, mounting a herringbone gear set is a bit more involved than the standard set, so you might want to check out my notes on that page.
  8. smorloc

    Disable single stepper?

    I want to disable the extruder stepper in the middle of a print in order to switch the filament to a different color. Is there a gcode command, or sequence of gcode commands, I could issue to disable the extruder stepper while leaving the other axes energized (so they are not accidently moved). Thanks, Steve
  9. smorloc

    Disable single stepper?

    I would like to disable the extruder stepper in the middle of a print to make it easier to change a filament. Does anyone know of a gcode command, or sequence of gcode commands to achieve this? Thanks, Steve

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