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  1. it should be included but.. shipping cost and add on custom charges too
  2. Hey dan I am selling mine Original ultimaker for sale with v2 hot end. upgraded extruder. 1kg approx of pla. 2 rolls of 2" wide blue m3 tape. based up in suffolk Reason for sale : No longer have the time to dedicate to using it due to work commitments.
  3. Original ultimaker for sale with v2 hot end. upgraded extruder. 1kg approx of pla. 2 rolls of 2" wide blue m3 tape. UK based. Reason for sale : No longer have the time to dedicate to using it due to work commitments. £850 ono. Collection welcome. Delivery is also possible. Feel free to ask any other questions
  4. Hello everyone. Since continuing my issues with my original ultimaker . the original extruder was worthless, the upgrade is just as worthless. everytime i put new pla through it. i clean it, i take the sucker apart. i clean it. i remove the nozzle and i clean it. the extruder from the original ultimaker is a flawed worthless design. Please can someone recommend an extruder drive that works as i'm so sick of this machine now. waste of time and money.
  5. Hello everyone. Well from everyones suggestions and having tried everything. here was on last ditch attempts. The last week, i dismantled the machine down to every last piece down to every last bolt and screw. pened the Wiki and started from scratch. Allow me to just saying, when i received my kit - the wiki instructions were..lacking. Greatly. Whilst its nice to have upgraded parts included .. with no instructions or notice it can be. worrying, stressful and frustrating. So this time around, now the wiki was.. well lets call it Up to date. So far So good. i am doing several test printers. the PLA is currently not being chewed. There have been some Serial error issues where the printer has just upped and stopped printing. but so far so good. So in closing. I don't know still, what the issue was or if it will come back. he knurled bolt - the pla was always going on the right section. that i made sure of. Thank you everyone for your help and input. - Fingers crossed this never happens again.
  6. I'm just gonna answer this very simply as i've slept maybe 8 hours since sunday night. Teflon tube - cleaned. no friction Drive bolt set up. Drive blot close up : Will update again shortly
  7. Sander, while i agree i did send me email on sunday having a "normal,medium,high,urgent,critical,emergency" priority seems to be rendered redundant, But lets move on. Now i'm back i will be going through Calum's suggestions, failing that i will move on to Sanders suggestions. Failing this a member emailed me with another solution. If all these fail. i will be sending my Ultimaker back. Stil, fingers crossed. Update soon
  8. I've had one Full suscessful print since the build in october. since then theres been a ton of failings. it will print a few layers and the trouble starts. ;TYPE:CUSTOM M92 E865.888000 M109 S220.000000 ;Sliced C:UsersJoeDownloadsHeavy SKULLCAP.stl at: Mon 11 Mar 2013 13:18:37 ;Basic settings: Layer height: 0.3 Walls: 0.6 Fill: 0 ;Print time: 2:19 ;Filament used: 8.61m 73.44g ;Filament cost: Unknown I'm at work right now and i'll check the other parts later.. i'd almost be willing to mail you the machine at this point. My Support ticket still hasn'teven been view by the support team... This is becoming a joke..
  9. @ Mastory Feed calibration has been left to the feault i've not hnaged it since getting the machine. PLA : which came with the ultimaker. i believe its the 2.8mm at 260* the pla flows through with no issue when fed by hand. I'm based in East anglia in the UK @snowygrouch My bolt is the same as in the picture. the pla is lined up to that exact point as desribed. So far. my Support Ticket hasn't been looked at. I'm pretty damn well disapointed in this machine and this company. i'm going to send it back, i have wasted so much time and effort on it, it cannot do what is claimed and if it can.. well i don't see any help from Ultimaking ltd. I'm extremely disapointed in Ultimaking ltd.
  10. C, as i posted earlier i have corrected this. the green wire was used because the stock piece wasn't included. also at the time on constructions the wiki wasn't update to date so i was building blind. I was able to find a 2d file of the stock clip and got it cut from plastic locally. i have taken all the feed housing and turns it around no the chipped wood is now on the outside. i have cleaned everything. i have mirror its construction to the letter on the images on the wiki. after yet another test it prints fine for the first hour and finally chewing begin and doesn't stop. i can't tighten or loosen any more or less than i have done short of designing an entirely new feeder. Please understand how stressful and frustrating this is. First was the incomplete wiki during the build and then a constant list of problems. attached below are pics. The follow was done BEFORE the pictures were taken. ; Stock clip was made and attached. Bowden tube was emptied and cleaned Drive bolt was attached using the stock clip. 2 washers. gear. washer and bolt as showen in the wiki instructions. Nozzle was heated to 260* and pla was pushed through to clean any blocked and was checked. - clear. During test print pressure was tweaked from tight to loose until a good setting was found. Test print results.
  11. Ok. i have spent the last few hours changing the feeder to match the pictures from the (finally) undated instructions. i have yet again cleaned out the nozzle. i have cleaned out the bowden tube. and everything else inbetween Print started well.. back to chewed up pla which has ruined my 18th print in a row. i can't get clear pictures of the tube but when clean there does not appear to be scratches or issues. I am offically at a loss. i no longer know what to do and no ones bothered to get back to me from customer support still. I can honestly say this is the single most stressful machine i have ever purchased.
  12. @Daid While the boltmay well have been introduced, i can assure you i made the lack of instructions reguarding certain parts was made Very clear to Ultimaking Ltd. That aside, the Black spacing clip was not comething i recived with my kit. is there a source to print one? ( assuming myprinter lasts long tnough to do so)
  13. @Daid At the time of purchase/construction the new extruder had only just been introduced into the kits. - During the time the Wiki instructions had not been updated in quite some time. Because of this i was unaware that the Black Stock clip wasmissing from my kit. - Nice to be upgraded but the lacking updates made this machine very stressful to construct. The instructions for the m3 bolt were followed to the letter. Unless of course this also was due to misinformation proved by the Wiki. The green piece is a wire thats been greased to act as the spacer clip. If there was/is a problem with the boden tube, given how much chewed up pls has traveled thorugh it i doubt thats help the inner structure. With regards to the wood, i did think it possible dust.shards would be carried up and through to the nozzle. @Joergen the chipped wood is on the outer side of the housing its been chiped/scraped by the chewed pla
  14. Right, Another 3 failed prints due to chewing, I've emailed support i'm really getting sick of this machine now... i'm honestly regretting getting it
  15. Too much pressure = chewed pla. too little.. and no flow. but the hot end isn't plugged, i've cleaned it out too many times, its the knurling bolt, Metal on plastic is just too much.. I'm searching the Thingiverse for other designs because i'm positive this knurling bolt is the problem.
  16. Hello everyone. Please forgive my lack of updates and replies. I have cleaned this pile of scraps with everything but my tongue. i have taken pictures but i took my UM and locked it inside a box otherwsie i was going to destroy it. I can honestly say my mental sanity and stress levels have been pushed to the brink with this ill designed machine. To i'm gonna forward this same message to support as well with all the follow brief pieces along with linked images. YES. i have cleaned everything. YES. Really, everything. YES i have pushed the head up to 265 and watched the PLA flow like gravy. YES i cleaned the nozzel out YES and the teflon tube. YES my PLA was bought form UM. To start with the "chewing" of the PLA caused the ply wood housing to be chipped away. see photo. This was sanded down and cleaned. http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y250/corpseguy/Ultimaker/20130222_115904_zps86156b51.jpg The teflon tube was carefully cleaned out. The extruder housing including bolts, washers, screwing, motor, gears and screws were all cleaned. This problem is now wasting my PLA, my time and money. if any parts need replacing i will be expecting UM to replace them. as this is a design flaw. not human error. Metal grinding on plastic... Not the best idea admittedly. After mass cleaning. i was able to print 1, item. second item.. Mass chewing and i will be forced to repeat all of the above. I'm honestly So sick of this machine the extruber design does NOT work correctly. Please Help. Or please make me an offer on this over sized door stop.
  17. Right. i will be posting pictures later. The extruder cross hatched sectionis chewing the PLA. The chewed PLA has worn down the extruder housing causing LUMPS of the wood to break off. I can only assume a lump of wood has traveled down into the nozzle because at 260* i have struggling to force the PLA through manually. This is my mind is a design flaw for the material used for the extruder. how easy is it to remove the nozzle and clean it out?
  18. well. thats not the case. i cannot print the Gcode because it is not uploading the requested gcode.
  19. been printing at a slow speed. temp 220*. have pushed the temp up to 235* same issue. the grind wheel is eating it. theres dusted filament in the tube. which i have to Keep cleaning - again i have adjusted the tension. filament sides easily through the tube with no issues. This is an on going issue that keep happening as a constant and honestly i'm sick of it. will post pics later on one i go back to the printer as i have a sledge hammer to hand and yes, it has gone through my mind.
  20. I have the new extruder that was included with my ultimaker. after a few issues in the beginning i have taken it apart. cleaned the living hell out of it only to find it is STILL chewing up the pla,. i have screwed it loose.. tight and everything in between but every 10 minutes i have to manually go back adjust it and forcefully push the pla through because its no gripping properly. AGAIN - i have tried everything from tight to loose and everything in between. i have tried cleaning the pla. so far 9 projects have been wasted along with about 30 meters of pla. i have had nothing but issues with this machine on a daily basis. even down to cura as well and i've just about had enough of this machine. pm me if you would like to buy it at a massive discounted price.
  21. so lets say i have prepared this model.. yesterday. Today i need to print it. so i load the model and gcode...it will not load the gcode. does this mean i yet again have to prepare another gcode?
  22. so where is the prepared for print file? i have the model file. i hit prepare for print... where is this file that its pre prepared? or must it be prepared every single time?
  23. Major issue with bed leveling as well. and the heat gage Once the first run through is complete. if you attempt a second run the bed lowers by 1" again and required a manual lift. if you attempt a second run it lowers another 1". at no point does it use the limit switch. Secondly the heat gage is WAY off. i have it set to 226* its showing up as 235*. seems to be a lot of little bugs in 12a
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