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  1. Hello, I've finally published heated chamber design here. When I needed to print with ABS I just covered the whole printer with bubble wraps, but finally had some spare time and put things together to share. Hope you enjoy.
  2. We all need some replacement parts or consumables from time to time. I've owned mine for over 2 years, and ordered several items including dual extrusion kit. Recently I was building a filament driving mechanism and was in need of a knurled bolt, to start with something familiar. I still have a V2 bolt but it twists the filament as it drives in so I decided to purchase another V3 bolt. I remember Ultimaking has changed shipping options quite a few times, but always provided me with the best options. Last time I ordered a V2 bolt, DHL was the only option which charges quite a lot for such a
  3. I had been watching this thread for some time till the last October, thinking I missed the second batch, thus for good. Now I need to post this to get me in line whenever the next batch is possible. I've made numerous mods and the X-Y accuracy is less than 0.5% off, but there is reasonable friction when manually moving the carriage. In order to overcome that issue, I increased the current for the stepper motors, thus makes the machine louder. There are few problems such as visible Z-wobble even with the z-coupler replaced.. In short, put me on the list for the next batch. And I live in Korea
  4. whoops! first time uploading to gallery, missed to publish photos. Now it is up!
  5. I sometimes print with 0.65mm layer height with 300% flow rate. That gives me thicker than 1mm wall, which is pretty strong, but it is only successful with single walled objects. Anything with infill, nozzle hits the bumps created by large flow rate and lose its position. In other cases, I increase flow rate for about 5% when I print with over 150mm/s speed to prevent underextrusion.
  6. Here's mine. I got a free space in an empty building from an art museum and it's temporary. I stay here pretty much all day every day. Now printing hilbert cube dual extrusion test file.
  7. I second on the short belt tension. When one short belt is not as tight as the other the axis of the print starts leaning to one side. I had the same problem before and solved it by installing the adjustable mounting bracket illuminarti linked.
  8. Could you send one to me as well please? My port is COM4 and email is minifacture@gmail.com I was thinking to go through the OF tutorial, which I don't have any experience with.. :roll: Thanks!
  9. One case is if the file name fore your model is not in alphabet, Cura gives you with that error. My first language is Korean and had to spend some time trying to figure out what the problem is with the model, turned out to be the file name.
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