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  1. Thanks ultiarjan, nice nozzle box :-) I remember Fusion before it became 360, now I can't see that there is a free version anymore? Are you running it as a trial or student... or have a link to the free version? .... or would it be possible to make me the M12 1.5 thread ;-)
  2. Hi, I'm looking at printing some threads but have really struglged to find some existing models online - does anyone have a length of M12 x 1.5 metric thread (could be on a bolt or similar) that they would be happy share? Ideally it would be in DWG, DXF, 3DS, SAT etc format. Thanks in advance for any help or pointers.
  3. Hi, A quick update.... I stripped off all my 1" blue tape and cleaned the bed with Isopropyl. Replaced the tape with 2" blue and really rubber it down hard onto the bed followed by cleaning with Isopropyl. I then printed the first layer at 230C followed by 210C for the rest of the print. I slowed the printer down to 50% for the 1st cm of height and then back to 100% to finish. Wow, talk about stuck !!! I had to really try to get it off the blue tape. The base is much flatter but still room for improvement - I think I'm going to try and lower the first layer temp to 210C, same as the r
  4. Hi Folks, Thanks for all the pointers, I will do some more tests and see how flat I can go :-) I wonder when the official Ultimaker heated bed will arrive......? :-) Much appreciated - cheers.
  5. Hi, I'm still learning how to use my new Ultimaker - starting to get some great results :-) I'm currently trying to figure out, with out success, how to get the base nice and flat - at the moment the base curls up at the edges...... which causes a couple of problems: - The print is not properly fixed to the bed which means the print can become detached from the base when the printing gets to height - the leverage gets too much and the print head pushes the print over. - the bottom is not flat giving a distorted base layer. I'm guessing these issues have been solved & wondering if
  6. Hej illuminarti and gr8, Thanks for explaining this so clearly, it is very much appreciated. I now have enough info and options to make this work I'm sure - now I need to tinker and learn to get the best result :-) Any idea when we will see the new CURA software released? Cheers.
  7. Hi, I now have my Ultimaker pretty much running nicely and think I have my head round most of the settings but could do with a hand on thin walled prints. How do I best work out which settings to use for say a 1mm walled object printed at 0.1mm layer height - I tend to get an inner and an outer wall with nothing joining them whereas I'm keen to print a solid 1mm wall? I suspect there is some interplay between different variables going on but not sure - if anyone has some pointers to help me on my way it would be much appreciated :-)
  8. Sound advice - thank you. Hopefully the fun can begin soon.
  9. Hi snowygrouch, Thanks for exploring this and feeding back, very much appreciated. The results, whilst lacking the quality of the example you showed, are not a complete disaster and I can see the potential for getting a usable result :-) Whilst this would not be the main purpose of the printer it sure would help me justify spending out and placing my order. I think I'm pretty close now to coughing up, just wondering if I should hold on until a heated bed gets added as standard. Might I also ask what software you can recommend to take geometry from the STL stage to the printer? Not sure i
  10. Thanks for the tips Joergen - the idea of printing on one of the roof planes makes good sense. Cheers.
  11. Hey, your're a star - thank you - can't wait to see the results :-)
  12. OK, sorry about that and thanks for trying. As a last hope I have now modelled an example from scratch which is hopefully very clean, the right size and in several formats including STL which I hope is good right off the bat?... understand if you can't face looking at more broken models though :-) Cheers.
  13. Thanks - completely understand and agree, messing with dirty CAD files is no fun. I have attached another file which has been scaled to 200mm long in dxf format - should also be cleaner geometry but a slightly different design along a similar theme. Cheers.
  14. Hi snowygrouch, Thanks for looking at this, much appreciated. The barn size STL was in case anyone wanted to print a full barn :-) Sorry about the STL quality - I'm new to this - I have attached a 3DS version (still barn sized), is that any good - if not then I could do dxf? Look forward to your thoughts & thanks again.
  15. I would love to be able to print this & similar in 1 go - if there are any skilled and brave Ultimaker users out there willing to give it a shot I would love to know how it goes..... Daid? :-)
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