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  1. You will also need to install new library to your computer to handle these extra characters. My experience wasn't so good with this full graphical display, first of all, it doesn't give more information than i expected, or in other words it's not as usual as i thought it will be. But the problem i was encountering that this display was taking much more juice from my arduino than i thought and print quality was much worse.. for e.g. if i would press my encoder during print, print would even pause for 0.5s or so until menu opens... But i heard that other people had much better success than i
  2. Guys, you could also use the PCB cooling fan circuit with 7812 voltage regulator, just split output to 2 fans and it will work fine. As long as the total current use is no more than 0.6-0.8A you will be fine.
  3. So when it is printing and when you click your encoder, to go into menu, does the print slow down or even pause? Or when you print a part with complex shapes, doesn't it work slower? That is very weird. I have tried mine, but since it affected print quality i have decided to go back to older controller. Also I did some research online and found that this full graphical LCD is not recommended to delta bots, since it's too much to handle, so i thought that this might affect my printer as well. Any ideas what could be wrong then?
  4. Smaller controller, like ulticontroller with 3 lines, works just fine, but that big display looks like was too much for arduino to handle..
  5. Does anyone notice that their printer is working much slower with this full graphical display? I have tried using it, but it almost looked that it was too much for arduino to handle and when printing you could see micro stops of the printing process.. and if i would press menu while printing, everything would micro pause until menu opens..
  6. With your help i think i have found a problem. If I scale whole model (uniform scale) - print path looks good (no extra moves around) If I scale only Z - it doesn't work anymore and it creates extra paths. Thank you for your help on this!
  7. Could you give a try with my stl file and see if this happens as well? Like i've wrote before - i scale only Z to 150 mm.
  8. Here is an stl file that i want to print, i scale Z down to 150mm, leaving X and Y the same: Link My cura settings are:
  9. I've tried cura 14.01 - no changes, it still generates rapid movements from one side of the print to start point allong these narow ribs, this will again create strings that will eventually block heads movement and steppers will loose their steps.. Any other ideas? Is this fixable at all? I cant print this
  10. I've tried newest cura beta 15.10 but there i cant seed movement paths at all.. I will a shot with with older version. Thanks
  11. Hi, I am trying to print spiral vase. I use cura 15.04.2. Everything looks fine, except every few layers, cura creates a path for a print head to move back to start point.. This rapid movement back, goes in a path, that create some strings (retraction does not happen, even though it's set to 1.5mm). After some layers, print head just gets stuck to some of these strings and then steppers loose their steps and the print is ruined. Is there any solution to this problem? I can't find a way to change that. Tried printing slower still same problem..
  12. Hi, I have some random scars on my printed parts. Most of the part looks good, but at random location, some blobs appears. What could cause this? Any ideas?
  13. I've partially fixed the problem. Spend a lot of time investigating, and found out that the extruder feeder hobbed bolt was not working as supposed to. So i've made a new hobbed bolt, now it works much better. Though very rarely, filament slips and after some time i can find some filament chips on the table below feeder mechanism.The feeder is tightened as much as i can, maybe i need very strong spring there? what do you guys use? Anyways, i want some more opinions now. It prints way better than before, but i get horizontal lines on my prints. Check the attached pictures. What could b
  14. Allright, good idea. Since i've recently made another fan duct, thought that it might solve this problem, but nothing changed. During another print, i've turned off my fan completely. Print settings are 40mm/s print speet and 195C.
  15. Thank you for the info. I've tried similar settings to the ones you've mentioned, but nothing helped. But i think i've indentified a problem. I've printed one part multiple time on multiple speeds and temperatures, and everytime e get bad surface. Part starts printing, and it's looking good: This is the start of and end of the first layer. Then there's the 2nd layer, it's still looking good: But at layer 3, some areas starts looking ugly, infill is looking like good... ugly.. good Then later on it looks like this; 5th layer: It's being printed at 195C and 40mm/s, tried 21
  16. So by this you mean that if you print e.g. at 190C and 50mm/s you also get underextrusion sometimes? This would mean that everything is normal at my side, just wrong printing settings. Some time ago i thought, that if you choose wrong settings, you get whole part with bad quality, not just random layers. But what i see in my examples that part looks nice, except some layers, which seems doesn't stick to the previous layer and it looks like underextrusion in the end.
  17. Allright, some more interesting update. I was again printing all kind of test parts to find out what's wrong here. So here's how the parts are printed out for me: The height, where underextrusion happens varies with each part. Depending on speed and temp it happens sooner or later. Anyway, the thing that blown my mind this evening was this part. I've got an idea that maybe the retraction is causing this, i'm using quite heavy spring on my feeder: So i turned retraction off, set print speed 60mm/s, temp to 195C. Here's the result, i've canceled print, after notising same things
  18. I'm having some issues with my printer. Some time ago i've build marlin from: https://github.com/ErikZalm/Marlin I'm not sure if there's a problem with the firmware, or with my hardware but if i slice a model and print it i noticed that the layer heights shown on the LCD are not all the same. Some layers varies. Like this 0.2 -> 0.4 -> 0.59 -> 0.79 -> 0.89 -> 1.1 -> 1.3 -> 1.5 -> 1.69 -> and so on. So does this happens only for me or this is a known issue? At gcode output from slicer, everything looks fine, z is incremented by 0.2mm. Any ideas?
  19. Yup, it's PLA. I'll look about this into slicer output, if there's any flaws. Thank you all for your opinions.
  20. Here's a picture of broken part at the underextruded layer: I found that i was using different speed for infill, i had infill at 100 mm/s and normal print at 60 mm/s. But after switching filament to white, its a little better i think, o just its not so much visible as on black color. There might be something wrong with my ballscrew..
  21. ok, here's another print, this part printed with such settings: 0.2mm height, 50mm/s speed, 100% flow and 190°C. It looks like underextrusion to me. Ok, so next i've printed the same part, everything the same except i've dialed the feed rate with controller to 50% so it should be about 25mm/s. Here's the result: Its not very visible in the foto, but i still get the one layer underextruded, though it's a bit less than usual.
  22. Yes, sorry, by fill i meant flow. I'm using PLA. I will try reducing the print speed now. But looking at first pictures you can see that the print quality looks quite good, but sometimes the underextrusion happends and i have no clue why..
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