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  1. Very nice project. I began the same thing on my UM2+ with my own dremel mount. Do you still use it ? Do you still use the same method to generate gcode or another way ?
  2. I found the option to upload without compil and the hack is working for me too Thank you I'm happy ...
  3. What do you know when the upload process begin, normally the process begin with a compil, the upload begin after that, isn't it ?
  4. I partially agree with you, I can buy a new one. But how can I be sure that the problem will not come back with the new one ?
  5. I have tried all of these actions with the same result than arlee. What do you do Arlee to obtain a new Arduino from Ultimaker ? Anyone with a new check to do ?
  6. exactly same as you arlee. I have try put firmware with Arduino IDE, cura...timeout each time... Do you found a solution ?
  7. Hi I had the same problem, and the same result ...blue screen and no usb connection...
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