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  1. Just want to report a finding: layer view after rescaling object showing previous object size. I opened an STL. Both the solid and layer view work fine. Rescaled the model: - Solid view is showing the rescaled object correctly. - Layer view is showing the object in its original size. Rescaled the model again: - Solid view is correct. - Layer view is showing the previous object size after the first time rescaling. OSX 10.10.4 Cura 15.06.02
  2. Very good and brave decision to rebuild Cura as the old version was not longer manageable. What is a good way to share findings? I just drop my issues/wishes/recommendations here on the forum with the intention to provide constructive feedback for the developers. Is this the right place? Is there a developement / feature request list where Cura users can vote. Could be a great way to determine the development agenda based on user's demand in order to fix/make the most relevant things first.
  3. My first experience with the new version of Cura 15.06.01. Unfortunately my list of things I do not like or miss is longer at this moment, but I give it some time. Like - Fresh look and feel - Customizable menu options Don't like / Issues / Missing: - processing appears to be slower than previous version. - I'm missing the layer number/height indicator when going through the layers - Miss the material price calculation - the process with the option 'wire printing' selected stops just before the end of the bar (and does not want to finish to process a wire printed Marvin) - progress b
  4. Do you have a "Print to USB" button available on OS X version? I only have "Save to Disk". Issue posted on github If it should be there by default, it's missing. But maybe it only works when the USB is connected? Just like with a SD-card. It only shows the option to save to the SD when it's available. My first experience with the new Cura: appears to be slower than previous version, missing the layer number/height indicator when going through the layers, the process with the option 'wire printing' selected stops just before the end of the bar (and does not want to finish to process a wir
  5. Issue solved in Cura 15.06.01! Time to play with the new version
  6. Hi, I installed the new Cura 15.06.00, but if I try to open the program I get an error message "Cura Error". I can only terminate the process or open the console. Have a fresh install of Yosemite 10.10.4 and this is one of the first programs I installed. Error log from the console:
  7. Interesting topic, @Valcrow: do you also have experience with the UMO compared to the UM2? Thinking of upgrading from UMO to UM2 or just put in the Heated Print Bed upgrade.
  8. Thanks for the replies: Jameshs: good suggestion, but I want to have a solution for an original UM with the regular components. For the UM2, UM1+ and the Original with the heated bed upgrade this would be less of an issue. Didier: this sounds very promising. Could not find the topic, but if you come across the relevant post please let me know.
  9. Hi, I was thinking about a feature in Cura where I can see the 'gaps'/lines which correspond with the tape on my print bed. Then it is possible to position my objects precisely and avoid a line/mark on the print. Or at least it is possible to align this mark with te geometry of the object. The UM1 bed has a nice square print area predefined, so that can be the reference starting line. Apply your tape with a certain width and it should be easy to calculate and 'project' these lines on the bed in Cura. Is that correct? Variables: - starting point: left, right - orientation: horizontal, ver
  10. 3D Hubs provided the correct file now with the support structures included, so that is solved. I agree with Cyclone that every unsupported overhang should be included in the build of the support structure. I come across this issue once in a while and it would be great if this could be solved in Cura. I'd rather stick to one software package/slicer and I like Cura :-P
  11. Hi KreativGeek, maybe you can share the required rotations for each part :oops: ? Think it would be a good work-around for 3dhubs to provide these values for the time being.
  12. @Gothampixel: Yes, it is for the Lock-Nesters 3D hubs certification.
  13. Hi Guys, I'm struggling with the support structures in Cura. This is what I want to achieve: But this is what I get from Cura. I tried to change the values for the percentage of overhang, but do not get a proper result. Too low values provide too less support and higher values create a support structure underneath the whole print. As you can see in picture 2, it is fairly correct, but still in the middle you see parts of the print flying in mid-air. Any suggestions? Structure: Grid Overhang angle: 60 Infill: 10% Distance X/Y: 0.7 Distance Z: 0.15 All other values
  14. Think this is the number one USP for selling them :mrgreen: And yes, you were right. When the heated bed setting is disabled, the bed leveling wizard is visiting all 4 corners again. Thanks for the help.
  15. I have the Ulticontroller, so posting the leveling g-code is very much appreciated Drayson! Think others will like it too.
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