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  1. For the walls with infill I set the material flow back to 100%. Results are really fine. However it does demand patience as printing PETG is way slower than printing PLA. The candyfloss is not really getting in the way, but sometimes it forms a blob of material that settles down on inconvenient places. I'll share the end results here. By the way: what I'm printing now is a part for the dashboard in my Volvo C70 where I'm replacing the completely useless up-and-down GPS with a box for my own TomTom or smartphone.
  2. The surface with Fine settings is really beautiful. The walls with infill are a mess on the inside.
  3. Fun thing is: I work with international students, so I write and speak English all day. And then here, I forget 😱.
  4. Apologies, it's in English now.
  5. I'm printing PETG now, brand is Kexcelled. Printing is OK at 250 degrees Celsius. Question however: during printing i see this thin canyfloss threads. In the first layer this is worse than in the rest. I raised and lowered print temp to 260 and 240. Same results. I reduced flow to 90%, small improvement. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  6. Normally we make PETG filament in our own lab at NHL Stenden Uni in Emmen. We get shreds from local industries. On account of corona and reduced lab capacity, that's not possible. I'll buy some samples here and there and see what I like most and share results here. What I'm printing now is 4 year old PETG from Hestay.nl. It comes out nice enough.
  7. PETG is stronger and more durable and doesn't get brittle after a while. And PETG is food-safe. I don't want to print ABS because of the smell and it's not food-safe. PETG is just as easy to print as PLA. However it is confusing, all the names en materials: CPE CPE+ PETG PC-PETG Still doing the research on them. Every brand seems to use different names.
  8. Thanks for all the help. I'm coaching a few students in my minor program Creative Programming for Non-IT Students and they are all surprised by the help they get when asking questions online. Share the love 😉 Printing old transparent PETG with CPE settings. The printhead leaves small crums here and there on a surface, but the result is fine. Thanks, you got me going again.
  9. Are there special settings for CPE/CO/PETG or are they like PLA?
  10. Hi All, I've been out for a while, now started printing again with my UM2+. Lots changed on the market of filament. New suppliers, new materials. Anyway, I'm looking for good PETG on the Dutch market. Preferably a web shop of course. Can anyone recommend please? Thanks.
  11. Did you add a new printer to Cura – the UM2+ printer – and removed the UM2 printer? Maybe then the upgrade will fit with the printer you actually have. It's just a thought, i just upgraded and updated myself, but cannot test yet.
  12. De feeder draait de verkeerde kant op na de upgrade naar 2+ Stekkertje in moederbord zit goed (kan ook maar op een manier zitten) in E1. Help!
  13. Thanks for the reply on the other post. Looks very nice. I read about people vaporizing Acetone for fine result. Also people using stuff called THF (break cleansing fluid if i'm not mistaking). But after seeing your images, i'll certainly try this recipe.
  14. Version 1.0


    We're developing a new board game. With 123d Design we made the prototype. We want to use this for producting a very small first edition of five for testing the game. We also use this as example for production companies. By making the .stl-files and printing these with the UM2 we learned a lot about what's possible in production and we could actually see and feel the product. The board has two identical halfs, printed in cheap gray PLA that came with the UM2 (second hand). Both parts are kept together with two printed hinges. There's space for screws through the hinges and magnets on the cor
  15. Thanks, all my printing isues with warping were solved, and then the f... filaments tangles on the wheel. This thread solved the problem. Great job.
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