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  1. Open Cura go to plugins then click in Open plugin location and copy the plugin you download in that folder and restart cura
  2. Thanks Daid for the info and thanks for cura it's a really great slicer
  3. you can view the supports if you change the visual style from normal to layers
  4. Hello everybody i have a problem with the new version of cura 13.11.2 it add a random movement of the z axis at the end of the gcode and also add some random retraction both after the comando M107 and before the end gcode I check my profile and try restoring the default settings importing the old profile creating a new profile i check with differents stl files and all with the same issue as example the calibration cube 20X20 at the end add this Cura 13.11.2 G0 F7200 X80.65 Y85.91 G1 F4800 X80.91 Y85.65 E266.81007 M107 G1 F2400 E259.81007 G0 F7200 X80.91 Y85.65 Z15.00 M10
  5. upload the gcode generated by cura gcode or your cura profile to check it
  6. Hi i modified the plugin TweakAtZ to add support to control bed temperature and make it work with Cura 13.06.04 you can download it from here https://github.com/RicardoGA/Cura-Plugin/releases/download/Cura-Plugin/TweakAtZ.2.0.py
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