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  1. Good evening, As shown, I ordered at MakerShop. To my way they fail to make the financial transaction. It is not possible to provide me the white part on my Ultimaker2. What other provider in Europe or abroad to enable get this part became unavailable on the site Ultimaker? thank you,
  2. Ok for this information. Nivea and soft? Should we change some things?
  3. Cool, thank you for this information. Olson will be compatible with my old UM²? It's worth then not? I have not seen too many examples of this upgrade (complete disassembly, assembly) and test! I think we just ordered anything Ultimaker now, it must go through resellers :(
  4. Good evening, In recent days, I encounter many difficulties to be extruded filament. The temperature of the hot-end skyrockets before maxtemp an error message. I removed the head and I noticed that the plastic tip had suffered. He blackened and pieces fall into print! What to do to repair the hot head? I tried contacted the Ultimaker team. However I need a serial number. Ors, I bought my printer in Ultimaker and I can not find my purchase data on the site! It's rude here! Thank you
  5. Hello, I you have posted my latest version of the extruder. https://www.youmagine.com/designs/ultimaker-block-extrusion-free This new version, however, is dedicated to the ABS. It take into account a larger withdrawal Coefficient. Last thing. This version is 100% free. Indeed, designed with FreeCAD, open source, and printed on Prusa. That said, it is not impossible to decide .stl with Cura to print with Ultimaker. I hope this version will allow you to redo your extruder, better to imagine other solutions around this design.
  6. Hello, I see that the drive system of ideas continues the passions unleashed. I recently completely redo my extruder design in freecad. This is for testing. I hope a few months to upload the new version. For the record, I took all the elements of the previous version, including some dimentions. I increased as the other. It goes well this time.
  7. C'est exact, il vaut mieux eteindre la machine avant. Parfois les moteurs sont maintenu et du courant sircule dans les bobinages.
  8. Hello, Personnellement, j'ai résolu en faisant glisser le verrou sur locked.
  9. Good evening, And that's a long time without having big problems. Tonight, the youngest, a large print failed. Nearly 3 hours of printing, the tube is removed from its housing at the extruder. :shock: :eek: :mad: :twisted: :evil: An advanced study allowed me to demonstrate that the tube was worn to the point of clinging to the filament. Result within the scope of the pressure, it does not stay in place. For me out of bad situation, I cut the damaged section at the base so then I put everything in place. It works again. :idea: I propose to change the gray clip that holds
  10. Ok! Thank you very much for the information. I will follow very closely the progress of your code.
  11. Good evening, How to install your plugin? Is it that you can not necessarily use all the time? I'm interested in some parts. Thank you.
  12. Hello there, Well here it is, six months my room without turning evil. This morning surprise, the mobile arm that pushes the filament against the knurled part dropped. Delaminated to be exact! I've put in a new version. To see if you want to try. This makes the rigid part and the setting of the spring is less sensitive than before. The question is that it will give in time Some pictures of the new room: The files are available in the same location as the extruder V2: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/extruder-um2-version-2#!design-documents
  13. Hello there, And counting. Here it is the integration within the structure. Now you can see the circuit boards and development being gradually. At the level of the chassis. In terms of power outlets. The rack removed. The bottom of the rack. Here I would lodge the battery over its entire length. Installation of special covers on the D-sub 9 outlets. Thank you for your attention and likes to touch me and pushes me to continue the project. See you soon.
  14. Good evening, My project is progressing slowly. I modeled via freecad the inside part of the frame. I set up a locking system associated with a principle called Queue D'arronde well known lathes and mills. Here are some pictures of the installation on the POSL Rover. The central part of this rack will not lontemps remained empty. I wanted to test the operation and integration. I am satisfied with the result after 14 h print.
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