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  1. Hello there, And counting. Here it is the integration within the structure. Now you can see the circuit boards and development being gradually. At the level of the chassis. In terms of power outlets. The rack removed. The bottom of the rack. Here I would lodge the battery over its entire length. Installation of special covers on the D-sub 9 outlets. Thank you for your attention and likes to touch me and pushes me to continue the project. See you soon.
  2. Good evening, My project is progressing slowly. I modeled via freecad the inside part of the frame. I set up a locking system associated with a principle called Queue D'arronde well known lathes and mills. Here are some pictures of the installation on the POSL Rover. The central part of this rack will not lontemps remained empty. I wanted to test the operation and integration. I am satisfied with the result after 14 h print.
  3. good evening, Here are some new printed and assembled parts together. We can now connect noticed by some aluminum of various parties. A pivot, not shown here will be used to offset the level diference between the suspension of the right and the left. Mounting part : See you soon.
  4. @nicolinux I used the default settings. Against by a "brim" has been necesary. Layer height : 0.1 Shell trickness : 0.8 Enable rétractation : On Bottom / Top trickness : 0.6 Fil density % : 20 Print speed mm/s : 50 Support type : None Plateform adhesion type : Brim For details, they realy modeled one at a time over several hours. The plate is 112 mm high and 160 mm wide. In general, I thank you for your comments and encouragement.
  5. Hello there, I just introduce my last impression. This is a tunnel entry for the model train. For the record, I wanted to show with a designer colleague and specialist model trains that the achievement of set pieces could be revolutionized with 3D printing. I decision to make an entry tunnel Blender 2.71 (16 hours modeling). I make each stone one by one. I udder care to respect the SNCF standards to be as detailed as possible. I cut through the Cura collectible then I started printing 8 hours. I was forced to put a brim to avoid décolement due to the length of printing.
  6. Hello, I'm sorry for my long absence. The work has taken me a long time to the point that ... I do almost no prints! Nevertheless, I tennais to share with you my latest creation. It is the inside of the bubble of one of my RC submarine. Printing PLA. Paint will complete the whole. Let's start with the design. Catia and Blender. Then Cura! Checks Repetier Host. The goal is to see if the code is homogeneous. Then it's printing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJHgNaAHgdA And now the result. I hope you appreciate it. Friendships. Geeks.
  7. Hello, I printed one of my project to 50% less than its size. I was able to checked that everything was as I wanted. Here are some pictures of what it looks like. And if you want to see some more pictures is here:
  8. This is a good question Ian! I would like to know a little speed more about me too
  9. Hello, I also noticed this problem support. :oops: I tried several solutions without réelement found my happiness. Case 1: I used Blender for the file .stl ... I got some things but not completely easy to implement. Often too small to medium load, or, still its not clever positioning. :roll: Case 2: Cura. On mechanical parts, except to get rid of the rough side, it works not too bad but if you want to stay smooth, it must use other solutions. :smile: Case 3: I use meshmixer and if there is no kept totally witdth and height, it is a good idea. I regret that meshmixer w
  10. Yes gr5 I'm glad you enjoy. For me, it was my best childhood holidays
  11. My turn to show you the last print made. 4 hours of work ... Wah! :grin: I'am happy
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