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  1. Right you are, learing by doing is the best way. And apart from small imperfectoins one suffers on first try it is alway exciting if something new you try turns out more or less like imagined before. This encourages to try more and even if it fails you know so much more about how not to do that this is even amazing. I have no clue about Mario Kart trophies but for me done from scratch you did a great job.
  2. Ok, I'll give it a try to post something in this thread to keep it alive. We will see if this does make sense for the future. Latest project: Casting mold for a rubber seal for a mast of a sailing boat. We did this before but by covering a milled core with layers and layers of natural rubber. Problem was that this material is not UV stable and starts to get brittle over the years. So as a new trial we decided to make a mold and to cast this from 2K Silicone based rubber. Unfortunately the dimensions of the mold exceeded the building space of the UM2 to it had to be divided in parts. 6 parts
  3. jep, Robert and Foehnsturm that is always the problem when somebody gets the pin in his head that something well running has to be improved. In most cases no improvement but confusion. Really a bad idea not to offer a "latest first" sort option. For me also annoying this top bar going always up and down when scrolling the forum list with mouse wheel. But... it's their decision - I'm only a dumb user. They can to with their forum whatever they like to do of course and I also realize that there's no development without improving but for me it was somehow disappointing. I also see that at any c
  4. looks really great. That is what tech pioneers do! Keep on!
  5. Woofy, the capton sticks like hell doesn't it? Could u tell a bit bout which material and settings u used? Look like 0,2 mm layers, r8?
  6. very good, IRobertI good idea for my next car :mrgreen: ... will keep this in mind
  7. Lennart, I tried to do a heat treatment to coils and I found out that it is possible to take out the tension by putting the coil into kitchen oven at a temp between 35 and 45 °C for about half an hour. This works fine for me.
  8. hey very good lookin stuff. Can u share a bit what material u used for print and what type of postprocessing u used to get the finish?
  9. jep and they came out pretty nice. Good job! But here we have dome larger details big kurved surfaces etc. This is very good for manual grinding, sanding whatever. At smaller pieces it can be a bit more tricky to get smooth surfaces by hand. Possible of course with some exercise.
  10. oh, nice shape! Did u design by yourself or did u find somewhere online?
  11. yep I think this vid was the reason why I wanted a tumbler :-P
  12. jep, can confirm that parts look similar after my tumbling experiments. I did no use steel stallites etc. but 6mm plasitc cones consistig of epoxy filled with some abrasive quartz. I have to to more tests. If possible it is worth to think about designing a part suitable for afterprint tumbling
  13. cheap chinese tumblers are runnin for bout 50 to 90 EUR on ebay. You can go much more expensive but for first trials these are good. Ok if DIY is the goal (what it should be :-P ) then you should start tinkering tonight... I thought about buliding one by myself but then I ended up building a vibrating sieve for my father's backyard. And this thing is running like hell!
  14. sorry for kidding :mrgreen: I printed a small pyramide from bronzefill and tumbled it. I did not make and pics of this yet but worked pretty well. Bronzefill material was the reason for me to get the tumbler. In between the tumbler is running 24/7 but with other than printed parts. Good point, I have to go back to the rrots and doing more experiments with bronzefill
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