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  1. I haven't done a torque test, but I was able to put the same amount of force as a similar sized wrench. I would need to test to destruction to know for sure how many NM / FTlbs, but again that comes to how well it is printed I am in New Brunswick right now, when I get back to Houston, if I find the time I can try to break one
  2. Someone (sockles) went through the trouble of making a wooden holder for the ratchet wrench. Not bad but I think the wood is worth way more than the wrench
  3. Started working on a lamp for my office desk. Printed it only at 0.2 layer height, It is all I need, plus I didn't want to print for 24hrs... It was printed with 0% infill for better lighting effect
  4. I made this just to see if it would work, and I was rather surprised
  5. Oilfield models for a conference and sales. This is 1/3 of the model all printed at 1/4 scale. Many separate parts and welds which hold the original together which is the reason for multi parts. Also the main part is larger than machine capacity
  6. I did it once. Used a photocopier to scan the key. Then imported the image and traced after the scaling was verified. Worked like a charm.
  7. started playing around with clip together parts and rotational parts using a single print. Pretty pleased with the results. These were printed simply to test the concept and feasibility. I printed one for a friend who may test it out this weekend on a hike.
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