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  1. Hello Korneel, When you say 'end stop', do you mean a switch that when pushed tells the printer the end has been reached? When I pushed the 'down arrow' in the Octoprint interface the printer bed was already at it's lowest position. The sound I heard was a heavy vibrating sound that lasted for a couple a seconds, in a split second I pushed the 'up arrow' in Octoprint interface and then it stopped. If the UM2 has an end stop at the lowest point of the Z-axis I wouldn't have suspected this behaviour/sound. Anyway, I'm going to be very carefull experimenting with Octoprint. Everyone here many thanks for your analysis and advice!
  2. Hi Didier, Thanks for your reply; I have to do some more research. I think all 3 axes have a switch that tells the robot the maximum has been reached, still the sound that came from the room the printer is in wasn't very nice and I hope it still works as before. For now I don't dare to use Octoprint untill I know more about it's settings. Rusc.
  3. Hi Didier, I saw that, but can't find the equivalent setting in Octoprint..
  4. Hi all, This evening I connected the UM2 to Octoprint running on Raspberry Pi. Beforehand I tried to find information on how to translate the 'Machine Settings' in Cura to Octoprint, because I figured that Octoprint had to 'know' specific Ultimaker 2 dimensions in order to work properly. I did find the settings for the bed size (X and Y), but could not find a way to tell Octoprint what the (maximum) height of the printer bed is. And sure enough, when I pressed the down-button (arrow down) in the control panel of Octoprint, the printer bed tried to go -through- the bottom plate of the printer, I mean: it thought it could go there and produced a terrible sound. Am I missing something here? How can I tell / should I tell Octoprint what 3D-printer is connected other then the X and Y dimension of the printer bed? I used '2014-09-09-wheezy-octopi-0.10.0.img' on RP model B and UM2 is running firmware version 14.09. Help/advice is much appreciated.
  5. Hi Dim3nsioneer, Thanks for your reply; I never understood why the display of the UM1 showed more technical information than the new UM2. The time estimate of the UM2 is somewhat useless for larger prints in my opinion.
  6. Hi everyone, I know that on Ultimaker 1 ('original') is was possible to show the current layer being printed on the UM controller. Is it somehow possible to show this information during printing on Ultimaker 2? If not, is Ultimaker considering this as a new feature? Regards, Rusc.
  7. Hi Daid, We just downloaded the RC3 version for OS X and it fails to start, the console says: Cura[4179]: GLUT Warning: glutInit being called a second time. Cura[4179]: Cura Error com.apple.launchd.peruser.501[212]: (com.ultimaker.Cura-14.02-RC3.140480[4179]) Exited with code: 255 The RC2 version works fine; are you aware of this (possible) issue with the OS X version of RC3? Thanks for the effort, we really like Cura and the Ultimaker 2. Regards, Rusc.
  8. Here is a photo that shows the wires that connect 2 LED strips very close to one pulley; we were able to push it back a little, but it still touches the pulley. The pulley caught the wires and pulled the LED strip a bit from the inside of the printer. The problem is not so much that the strip was pulled from the inside, we are more concerned that the pulley will damage the wires, an cause the LED's and maybe the printer to malfunction.
  9. Our Ultimaker 2 arrived some days ago; after having printed 2 Ultimaker robot models and printing a third one we noticed an 'odd' sound coming from the front left of the printer. After inspection we noticed that the short electrical cable in the left corner that connects 2 LED strips was being pulled towards the pulley, this also pulled a part of the LED strip of the inside of the printer. We are not sure how to fix this without disassembling the printer as these corners are almost unreachable. Does someone have advise on how to best fix this without disassembling the printer? I will try and attach/post a photo of the situation shortly.
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