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  1. I printed alot in PLA, from dragons, vases to some parts i designed myself. The result is beautiful and excellent quality. I got no lifting of corners. The only upgrade i did to the printer is glass plate, they use an aluminium bed. I use a borosilicate glass because i can remove it and take it away under warm water to wash and remove my print. I printed much less in ABS. I dont know the temperature requirments of my ABS and need to play with it little. I printed a screw and cube, worked ok. I plan to print few cubes soon ranging from 230 to 280 C just to test my ABS, i got a bunch of it so
  2. Im not saying its bad printer, but just not up to my liking for its price. I understand Ultimaker has to charge more because they are developing Cura and investing in research, development and a great young team. I cant say anything bad about them because they refunded my money and i lost nothing. There is many things Chinese dont do, but they do. I have a theory 1.75 mm filament is better for bowden type of extruder. Altrough you can see many printers with bowden and using both diameters, so its not something to worry about. I also noticed that some companies locally allready stock filaments
  3. Im glad you are happy with Ultimaker 2 and it should be like so, its an amazing product. I can now disclose my reasons why i quit. I didnot consider Ultimaker 2 chasis enough stable, some parts of the x-y gantry looked too cheap toy like plastic, feeder is a problem, underextrusion is a problem.. just to name a few. I consider it a great product, great looking, great idea but too expensive for what it is and how its built While surfing the web i found something that made me smile. Heavy steel chasis, feeder that is so strong it could pull anything, ballscrew, 30X20X400 mm build height, no pl
  4. Sander, thank you, Ultimaker community should be proud to have you. Refund just came 2 minutes ago. You can lock this topic, problem is solved. I would like to thank you once more for assistance and wish success to Ultimaker team.
  5. Hello, still nothing. If it was processed friday it would arrive monday. But lets wait until tomorrow to be sure.
  6. Hello Sander, i understand you are busy, its not even jour job to process my refund. However im still getting no response, the given refund dates have passed.You really need to push up your staff. Please let me know ASAP what is the status, i really cant wait my refund 2-3 months.
  7. Im again raising this topic because still nothing and we still did not received refund. SandervG or anyone else reading this forum from Ultimaker please see what is happening.
  8. They are made in China, and i even know the manufacturer and a price to go with it
  9. Its not fair play if one manufacturer uses their forum to smash their competitor. Very important and old business rule "About competition say all the best". Did you actually believe in that Dell order, thats a prank from Zortrax, it never happened
  10. Was your credit card charged? Try to phone them, their support is very unresponsive lately, i also had alot of problems while ordering with "web shop".
  11. If it can help i usually get that ugly white "burnt" on various objects when using cheap "super glue". When using good quality ones it does not happen.
  12. I learnt that sometime ago. They are just reselling a cheap Chinese printer, nothing more to it. I have messages from people with that printer that are very unhappy. But this is Ultimaker forum as gr5 said and we should stick to that printer. And in the end, all manufacturers have their flaws so you need to judge yourself with what flaws you can be happy
  13. It is not nice to call other members stupid. Its a nice discussion and interesting one too. Im sure some manufacturer could find a way around that patent, but for now more than 90 % of printers are fully open and not enclosed so nobody is bothering with it. However if you look there are allready various enclosed printers (mostly those coming from China)
  14. I called third time today and get a promise my case will be solved and i will notified "today" and nothing. SandervG - help :-|
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