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  1. Even though Id be curious to try some of this innofil3d. when i get my printer ill give it a go. In the meantime colorfabb will have to do until I run out.

    good job.


    i dont like colorfabb i test 5 spol pla...I could not pick up the temperature and speed for my models with high detail...

  2. That looks amazing for 100-160. I just cant get away with that for organic stuff, wish i could, do you treat it afterwards or are the lines visible but just not on the photo as it looks perfect on the photos?


    i use always low speed 35-45 mm/sec and corect temperatyre print/ print of contur and only pla innofil3d 2.85mm for good print.I keep the printer in top condition
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  3. That is really nice! You must have quite a collection already.

    @KSN-arts, you can also upload your pictures here.

    You have room to fill in all the details of your profile so everyone can see what they want to know.

    Also important, after a few more comments we'll go to the next page and just like other uploaded images they are moved to the background.

    If we uploaded all of our pictures in the print section even after weeks you'll keep a clear overview and none will disappear in the background or off our radar.

    You can discuss the prints in the comment section there as well, or post a link here. (or both).

    Hover above 'community' in the menu and select 'print'.


    thanks i try yesterday but some strange error not publish

  4. DSC08520.thumb.jpg.732940f3368ac72b09e5c2fb5e0cd812.jpg DSC08516.thumb.jpg.f69fd124875e57460861f2c56d2c2665.jpg DSC08503.thumb.jpg.2f508f21f304ffe410daffa3622f1068.jpgDSC08509.thumb.jpg.9bf7d82f9b2c0222fe721ad0b4450526.jpg


    I helped to print in 3D a wonderful job! Dmitri Dubyaga my friend and Colleges. Meet brotherbear-of-steel, #fallout #falloutstyle he created the 3D model within 14 days. I printed it for 36 hours on 3D printer #ultimaker2 and pla #rec. 5 days later, Dmitry painted by hand with acrylic paints





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