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  1. huge greetings! from snowy cold of Russia...

    My dear developers when installing the firmware.

    printer calibration reset, but it's not terrible.

    when the temperature rises to 250-260 error stop heating contact the developer.turned off and on again printer okey. put temperature of at maximum 240 are all well....I love you but what happens? :geek: :mrgreen: :cool:


  2. While everyone is waiting in Russia, hoping to get the plastic from the firm of "Colorfabb". (Helllo"Colorfabb") :mrgreen: ! Moscow company "REC" make plastic diameter 2,85mm, / thanks to their attention, and free samples of plastic, I personally see this, working with him for two days on Ultimaker-2 .They do plastic ABS/HIPS/Flex-flexible

    you can order free samples on their

    website. filament@rec3d.ru


  3. It doesn't look blocked - I mean it doesn't look underextruded. But you could raise the temp by 10C if it's a little underextruded or slow it down by 50% when it gets to the top layer. How many solid layers are under the top layer? I recommend at least 4 layers (top thickness .8).

    In Cura did you enter "2.85mm" for the filament diamter? If you enter "3.0mm" it will underextrude of course.


    i have two type plastic 3mm and 2,85 The diameter of the tunes in the printer. when replaced plastic.top botom 0.7 mm. were you enter in cura v 14.07 filament diamter???


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