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  1. All point of different nozzles for me is speed i use 0.8 for fast draft prints so i don´t have to wait for long time and that is all. So for normal user is nice to have one space where you put your nozzle size, speed, layer rez , and that is it. I mean it is a shame that you need to be some kind of expert to be able to change nozzle size in cura since previous versions worked fine. I hope you will implement that option back or at least give some sort of tutorial. RE: Primož (ordinary user)
  2. That's because it's hidden by default because it's a machine setting. Is it possible to create one spot where we can type which nozzle we´r using like in old versions i am ordinary user. when i changed wall thickness cura goes crazy and doesn't print nice all i did is i changed wall thickness to 0.8 which is my nozzle size with all other thickness disabled so they inherit the value. And the result was no bottom in object and all other strange things. stil printing with older version which works perfect.
  3. Hey! Good job all of you giving the best for all of us. Only one problem i cant see nozzle size option
  4. hello! Filament is ultimaker bronze PLA , T= 215, Speed= 50 in cura i turned fan 100% and layer time 7 sec but it does not work proper i guess. shall i use twik at z plug in to reduce temp at the end ? tnx for all your help RE Primož
  5. Hello! I have problem with constant quality print as a example i Post this picture https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/104249385/20140702_210000.jpg https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/104249385/20140702_210731.jpg Pleas help !
  6. Hello ! Is there any possibility that i can buy spare nozzle for ultimaker 2. I have wood filament at home and i don't want to use it due to hole size 0.4 witch is to small for wood. i want 0.8 spare nozzle for it or at least 0.4 so i can drill it to 0.8. RE: Primož
  7. Jea i know but i am abit impatient that print is stil printing and it is 14h alredy. i shall try once more with 30mms and z-hop at 0 with temp abit lower. I shall paste the pic. Tnx for hellp!
  8. Hey! tnx for help i use same retraction settings as you do i shall try turning of the z-hop and print again. one more question is there any option to stop that oozing i print with your pla bronze at 195C something like retraction to happen let say 0.5mm earlier so the oozing don't have time to appear. RE Primož
  9. Hello! i am new to 3D print and i got a little problem with stringing. image of print: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/104249385/20140619_152918.jpg and that ar my settings in cura: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/104249385/basic%20settings.jpg https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/104249385/expert%20settings.jpg What am i doung wrong any help is welcome ! RE: Primož
  10. Hello! i am new to 3D printing i got ma UM2 one week ago and i cant more happy prints ar crazy good. So if i print with no support and in low rez like cure fast default settings except temperature retraction and bed temp twiked i noticed that high overhang is abit problematic due to that default settings i whod like to see x 1,2,3,4 x+1,2,3,4 so that the string in that layer have time to cool down to proper temp so overhand is bether sry for my english RE: Primož
  11. Hello! I was watching UM1 from the start and i saw how it grow ed through time till dual extrusion so i started to save money. Then UM2 came out i was in love. i saw 2 holes in head and i sad that is it and i both it. But now i am afraid due to dual extrusion problems i really need support from second exstruder due to complex objects. i am still waiting for my UM2 to arrive. Should i be afraid that i did wrong decision and spend my money on UM2. RE Primož
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