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  1. Hello, today I realized that the pause at z didn't really pause as it went straight back to printing. I updated the firmware to fix this, and now the feeder will constantly skip and stutter starting five minutes into the print. It has stuttered before, I understand it is to prevent the grinding but now it stutters constantly without extruding until it eventually starts grinding and spinning extremely fast. Also, going straight is no problem but it takes curves and anything where it uses both x and y motors extremely slow and loud as if some motors are fighting each other. Is this common in the newest firmware, and is there any way to revert back or fix this?
  2. Hi, it usually depends on the part. If it is a tall thin part I can usually pull it off, however larger flatter parts I make sure to let it cool then remove the glass. I don't usually need a tool but sometimes I use a thin spatula. I doubt you will damage the glass scraping off a part. Hope this helps!
  3. Hey everyone, I've noticed that as a lot of metal composite materials are coming out, nobody is making any tin filaments. As tin has a melting point way below the max temp for an Ultimaker, and it isn't that hard so it shouldn't wear down the nozzle, is there any reason there couldn't be pure tin filament for the first pure metal filament for a desktop printer? If tin poisoning is a concern you could build an enclosure with a HEPA filter and fan to filter the fumes.
  4. Hello, sometimes when printing I notice my feeder on the back will push the filament up for a couple seconds and then skip back about 120 degrees pulling the filament back too. Sometimes I get under extrusion, however I am not sure if it's linked. Is this a normal thing; is the printer programmed to do that to regulate material flow? Or is this something that shouldn't be happening?
  5. Hello, sometimes when I start cura it does not focus on the build platform. If I zoom out a little it gets into partial view, but the whole platform is distorted and almost impossible to work on. If I manage to get a part on the platform every time I select it, the platform goes out of view. If I click "reload platform" it goes back to how it was when cura first started. I tried reinstalling cura, but it didn't work. One day it just stopped for a little, but now it is back. Has anyone else had this problem?
  6. Hello everyone, I am somewhat new to 3d printing as well as ultimakers. My ultimaker 2 is somewhat new, and initially I had problems with underextrusion and the feeder not working, but most of that got fixed. I was printing a rather large print today, and about halfway in I was lucky to be around as I heard a rumbling and when I looked over the rumbling stopped but the print head was printing a couple centimeters to the left and the build plate has been moved and was up against the right wall. The upper part of the front belt was loose when I paused the build(which took rather long to pause) and was a little twisted. As it was impossible to get the build repositioned exactly I had to scrap it and waste a lot of filament. Has the skipping or build plate moving happened you any of you? Also, do you guys find yourself throwing out a lot of wasted prints like I do?
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