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  1. I watched all the videos on this and was one step from pre ordering then sense came to me, all you get is the motion system and tools changer, you have to sort the rest like how to get it all to work with simplify 3d, and they make a statement it sort of works no mention of the firmware, no mention of the heavy scripting needed, .... so yes I like the look but needs a lot more work on it, Software is not there yet... just my thoughts.
  2. bob-hepple

    Simplyfi 3D Coasting and Wipe issues

    thanks for the reply My retract is 3.50 I take it you mean Extra Restart Distance is the prime, if not where is the prime??? I was going to use negative values as your suggestion of where my blobs are, is from the beginning of the cycle
  3. bob-hepple

    Neosanding - Automatic Layer Sanding

    Neotko do you think this process would work on a sphere I am printing at 0.12 layer height and would like the sphere which is 40mm diameter be look right, at the moment the last 10mm aprox (in height) the layers are shifting (opening up) see below, do you think your process would help in this situation
  4. Tinkergnome I copied the cura 3.2 files - I take it I install as per the instructions on the Mark2 installation manual then it should be up and running for cura 3.2
  5. that's a lot of kit todo the same job as the Mark two,dont like the idea of water cooling just takes up more desk space
  6. just went to git hub to update my files (going to Carry On with Conversion this weekend), Do I just need the Head file and not the head B file,, I got the Head a file
  7. bob-hepple

    Scripting in simplyfi 3d

    Thanks for that Tinkergnome scratch my head and try and make sense of it I am trying to alter the temp cooling down heating up times for the filament on the Mark2
  8. bob-hepple

    Scripting in simplyfi 3d

    while I was modifying my profile for the UM2 I came across a FFF file that contained this in the script section {REPLACE "; outer perimeter\n" "; outer perimeter\nM204 P800\n"} {REPLACE "; inner perimeter\n" "; inner perimeter\nM204 P1000\n"} {REPLACE "; solid layer\n" "; solid layer\nM204 P1000\n"} {REPLACE "; infill\n" "; infill\nM204 P3500\n"} could some one enlighten me what this is doing I have not done any scripting before sodont know what the knock on effect of this script is
  9. I find this ironic, I posted that I had printed these parts out and there was no Gap (conn g) implied my prints were under extruded? and low and behold the STL files are wrong. I botched my print head to make the gap, exactly because there was no gap, and have shelved my conversion, because I knew the files were suspect. I am grossly disappointed.
  10. if this is for the S3d - could this be used on a dual headed machine as well as the Mark 2 head on the UM,, my script for tool change at moment is {IF NEWTOOL=0}T0 ; start tool switch 0 {IF NEWTOOL=0}G1 Y250 F8000 ; travel {IF NEWTOOL=0}G1 E-0.5 F500 ; fast purge {IF NEWTOOL=1}T1 ; start tool switch 1 {IF NEWTOOL=1}G1 Y250 F8000 ; travel {IF NEWTOOL=1}G1 E-0.5 F500 ; fast purge I note that the M104 might be the issue Any thoughts on this or advise ?????
  11. Joris I like your setup it looks clean.. have been working on reel holder before going to calibration, I have noted your problems and hope I don't get the same, My power supply is very new so hopefully should be fine good luck with your prints how are you getting on with cura???
  12. Joris Understood completely, I waited till the machine needed to be serviced, a miss hap with Build tack sorted that out, I took the opportunity to install both 3d solex heads, I had and the Bondtechs, I used the expansion board and that went fairly well,, I had more problems printing the new Head and getting the magnets to stay put than anything else, and I think the life of my printed parts is not that good but it will get me started... have you checked you have the second extruder port ?? I double checked all the wiring and checked again (Phew) I also made my own Fan cables as I didn't have the WireHarness... Good luck with the install I think it is well worth it..
  13. I am wanting to print with Dissolvable material has anyone any suggestions which is the best I have found the likes of Esun, Formfutura, and Verbatim, which they say is BVOH which is expensive, I don't mind the cost (within reason) but just don't want the Nozzle jams??? and is it ok to leave in the printer ??? I thought I read that it was bad practise and asking for problems... Any Advise welcome and appreciated???//
  14. Joris I have just installed the files into Cura 3.1 and they are working I too have been installing the upgrade and just switched on for the first time and no fireworks ??? the calibration is next how did you get on with the install ??
  15. Conny _G thanks for that, I did understand the principle the wedge, I printed in N Gen Flex as you san csee it is too big in the Z the 3mm screw is level with the holder. I doubted the STL File was wrong so I printed in normal PLA on another printer and what I don't understand obviously the Grey wedge is to tall so the size has been altered during the print, I would like to find out where and how this occurred. I used S3D

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