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  1. bob-hepple

    Neosanding - Automatic Layer Sanding

    ok I setup the processes using the wright values ie stop start layers process 1 actual print process 2 sanding process 3 actual print process 4 sanding when I preview all processes sanding on process two is before process 1 final layer and message comes up (see screen shot) I carry on and the final process 4 is correct,, is there a way (simple) to force the process 2 to initiate correctly without editing all the gcode
  2. bob-hepple

    Neosanding - Automatic Layer Sanding

    inventabuild again thanks for you help I now understand??? I was close but obviously my heights and start stop values were very tight, I did not get the layer heights right on the sanding layer and was only taking 0.05 off which is why the sanding layer felt ruff??? I have re done my calcs using your descriptions. so at a layer height of 0.16 I should see a difference,,, Thank you, I switched to Cura 3.2 to try the Ironing but I haven't touched Cura for about 3 years now so completely lost ??? couldn't even find the ironing Thanks!!!
  3. bob-hepple

    Neosanding - Automatic Layer Sanding

    hi thanks for the reply inventabuild,, I did a print and th only way I managed to get the sanding layer was 1st Real print stop at 1.55 2nd sanding start at 1.55 stop at 1.60 for the sanding I set up the profile as per Neotkos instruction ect but there was hardly any sanding on surface a few bits that just made the print feel ruff, Obviously im going wrong some where ???
  4. been trying to find the ironing plugin for cura 3.2 is it there I haven't used cura for a long time now so im totally lost,, using it with the UM2 and the Mark 2 mod
  5. bob-hepple

    Neosanding - Automatic Layer Sanding

    Neotko have you had problems with the sanding in S3D 4.01 I am trying this for the first time so bare with me but I cannot get the process consistent in the preparation stage I have 4 processes 1st real print 2nd sanding 3rd real print 4th sanding when I preview 1,2,3 all there but 4th not there when I preview 3,4 all there ?? I have set all the parameter as per instructions only bit that is flakey (on my side obviously) is the way I am pushing s3d to do sanding layer 1st real print start at 0 then stops at 1.55 layer height 0.16 2nd sanding starts at 1.60 layer height 0.10 id I don't specify these heights I cannot get the sanding layer to preview?? any help appreciated
  6. Done!! Thank You, if this wasn't enabled could that have caused my heads to crash when I ran the Gcode for the calibration marks Or do I still have some setups to get right??
  7. TinkerGnome thanks for clearing that up at one point I was about to Give up
  8. Ok Im confused hear I have a Directory called Program Files/Ultimaker Cura 3.2/Plugins then there's 39 Directories after that ???? none of which are called plugins ???? except PluginBrowser if I follow Git hub it suggests it want to be in directory cura-3.2-resources\scripts and under resources it has Definitions extruders images scripts variants totally confused?? when I originally set up cura I followed the instruction on the Mark 2 web pages which I printed off last year scripts translates to plugins/plugins/Post processingPlugin / scripts which is where I put the file??
  9. I checked my Directory Ultimaker Cura 3.2/plugins/postprocessingPlugins/scripts and it is listed Mark2Tweaks.py so I take it this is enabled automatically so you don't see it in the plugins in cura
  10. where do you get the plugin from, I have cura 3.2.0 installed along with the cura files from git hub Mark2 ?? but that plugin in is not listed in the installed plugins OR the available plugins??
  11. bob-hepple

    Post your latest print!

    Love the work great job
  12. conny _g thanks for the reply I will try the y offset when I get the bracket re printed as this got destroyed in the collision. as for the levelling I did as you suggested, but will try again I have Pm'd Tinker Gnome as the printer in single head mode retracts the filament half the Bowden tube length of filament at the end of the print.... Thanks
  13. Navigator Thank you for taking the time to reply, the rest is that in the firmware and once initiated will I have to do the setup of the machine again , like the z heights, bed levelling, steps,, I had to reverse the extruder motors in firmware for them to work correctly,, so after a reset this will have to be redone ???? Don't know why suddenly this has happened I thought it might be a bug from S3D as some of the end code has E- 70000 but that is in code I knew worked (8 Hr print), The end of the print retracts the filament half way through the Bowden.. Thanks
  14. Hears hoping I can get some help on the firmware for the Mark Two Modification, I have been using the printer with the second head turned off for some days until I got some kind of reply from my other threads, all was OK until last night for some reason the printer is uninstalling the Filament at the end of the print,, I did an 8 hr print two days ago and the print was perfect,, I am using Simplyfy 3d and the ending scripts are the same for the 8 hr print and the 90 min print I did last night, I repeated the 90 min print today and again at the end of the print the filament unloaded completely?????? my ending script is E-5.00 F500 G1 F2000 Z120.0 G28 X0 ; home x axis M104 S0 ;turn off heaters M140 S0 ;turn off bed M84 ; Disable motors Any Help appreciated
  15. Been buying a scanner in the past couple of months but having problems getting a good scan, has anyone experience with this scanner that can give advise on how to get the best out of it,, if not I'LL sell it, any one ?????

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