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  1. bob-hepple

    Simplify3D v4.1

    Totally agree!! use the one that you find easier,, UNTIL you find you cant do that with your slicer, as I found out,, using S3d and Elixier filament, prints came out better in cura and S3D handling of Temps in dual head prints was not good, cura was a head of the game,, but I have 3 printers and all of them use Cura ? S3d when I can get the scripts wright... but if something fast I want out I use S3D because of my 4 years of use... will try Slicre next..
  2. bob-hepple

    Simplify3D v4.1

    As a Long time user of S3d,thanks.. I see the bugs and sometimes the print is not that good and yes Cura has come on in leaps and bounds where S3D seem to take an age for updates and you see very little for the long wait,, Cura seems to have matured with the on set of dual heads, but I find using cura awkward and confusing,, and something that S3D can do very easily cura makes it hard (if it can do it at all) I payed my Money for S3D 4 years ago?? and feel as though I have had my pound of flesh from them, But cura is heading up faster and I doubt if S3D will ever catch up... but please make cura Easier to use...
  3. bob-hepple

    Start up script in S3D

    I'm trying to do a new start up script, how do I stop S3D auto inputting these settings into my script,, these are above what I have already included in my script so are duplicates/// The G90 M82 ect are all there G90 M82 M106 S0 M140 S60 M190 S60 M104 S205 T0 M109 S205 T0 any help appreciated.....
  4. Selling My UM2 with the Mark 2 second head fitted, Electrics all working I have not set the second head park / pickup, all brackets are printed, includes dual Bondtechs. Includes 3d solex Matchless Nozzles and Matchless Blocks, All Working. Electrics for the Mark 2 I used the Expansion Board Looking for around £700.00, comes with Build Tak magnetic base and sheet. and the Glass bed (obviously) custom Made Fan Shrouds on both heads... UK Buyer please, I am going to TCT Birmingham so could bring it with me.... any takers PM me Please
  5. bob-hepple

    Polyalchemy Elixir PLA

    I did a test print in Cura now you have to remember I haven't used cura in years not even looked at it the first one on the btm was done in cura same layer height 0.20 says one thing to me S3D need updating looking into the settings in cura it showed me how far its come, daunting though to learn a new slicer couldn't work out how to turn my Mark 2 second head off though...….
  6. bob-hepple

    Polyalchemy Elixir PLA

    Hears the prints I have done with Gold Rush I wanted to use this to resemble polished brass for a model im printing the Results are terrible A Band had tobe adjusted so the the blobs could be hidden by a screw the others were don with variable setting I also printed hotter 215 to 210 which effected the over hang but I had no choice I cut down the flow which helped but no great improvements,, its worth noting the dual colour print worked fine but the was a flat and quiet small so to re cap this was done on dual colour printer this was done on Ultimaker note the scaring around the hole if I rotate the band on the bed then scaring is still there just more visible variable prints all bad all done at different temps and different extrusion rates last picture shows the last print last night temp 215 down to 210 14500 mm/min ext multiplier 89 coast to end .20 The filament is new purchased 4 weeks ago opened 4 days ago,, I was thinking if it needs drying but I thought that was if you got excessive stringing,, its weird stuff does not extrude out of the nozzle in a flow rate / congeals around the nozzle and comes out like worm crawling bulges then drops out, 215 seems to make it flow better but not much,, the Dual colour print was done at 205 going to print the above pic on Prusa mk3 in normal pla just to satisfy my curiosity,, any hints and suggestions gladly received except throwing the filament which I have come close to....
  7. bob-hepple

    Polyalchemy Elixir PLA

    Le Paul just got some of this Gold Rush Cant seem to get a decent print its leaving blobs at the start of a layer even in vase mode ?? any thoughts
  8. bob-hepple

    Neosanding - Automatic Layer Sanding

    ok I setup the processes using the wright values ie stop start layers process 1 actual print process 2 sanding process 3 actual print process 4 sanding when I preview all processes sanding on process two is before process 1 final layer and message comes up (see screen shot) I carry on and the final process 4 is correct,, is there a way (simple) to force the process 2 to initiate correctly without editing all the gcode
  9. bob-hepple

    Neosanding - Automatic Layer Sanding

    inventabuild again thanks for you help I now understand??? I was close but obviously my heights and start stop values were very tight, I did not get the layer heights right on the sanding layer and was only taking 0.05 off which is why the sanding layer felt ruff??? I have re done my calcs using your descriptions. so at a layer height of 0.16 I should see a difference,,, Thank you, I switched to Cura 3.2 to try the Ironing but I haven't touched Cura for about 3 years now so completely lost ??? couldn't even find the ironing Thanks!!!
  10. bob-hepple

    Neosanding - Automatic Layer Sanding

    hi thanks for the reply inventabuild,, I did a print and th only way I managed to get the sanding layer was 1st Real print stop at 1.55 2nd sanding start at 1.55 stop at 1.60 for the sanding I set up the profile as per Neotkos instruction ect but there was hardly any sanding on surface a few bits that just made the print feel ruff, Obviously im going wrong some where ???
  11. been trying to find the ironing plugin for cura 3.2 is it there I haven't used cura for a long time now so im totally lost,, using it with the UM2 and the Mark 2 mod
  12. bob-hepple

    Neosanding - Automatic Layer Sanding

    Neotko have you had problems with the sanding in S3D 4.01 I am trying this for the first time so bare with me but I cannot get the process consistent in the preparation stage I have 4 processes 1st real print 2nd sanding 3rd real print 4th sanding when I preview 1,2,3 all there but 4th not there when I preview 3,4 all there ?? I have set all the parameter as per instructions only bit that is flakey (on my side obviously) is the way I am pushing s3d to do sanding layer 1st real print start at 0 then stops at 1.55 layer height 0.16 2nd sanding starts at 1.60 layer height 0.10 id I don't specify these heights I cannot get the sanding layer to preview?? any help appreciated
  13. Done!! Thank You, if this wasn't enabled could that have caused my heads to crash when I ran the Gcode for the calibration marks Or do I still have some setups to get right??
  14. TinkerGnome thanks for clearing that up at one point I was about to Give up
  15. Ok Im confused hear I have a Directory called Program Files/Ultimaker Cura 3.2/Plugins then there's 39 Directories after that ???? none of which are called plugins ???? except PluginBrowser if I follow Git hub it suggests it want to be in directory cura-3.2-resources\scripts and under resources it has Definitions extruders images scripts variants totally confused?? when I originally set up cura I followed the instruction on the Mark 2 web pages which I printed off last year scripts translates to plugins/plugins/Post processingPlugin / scripts which is where I put the file??

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