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  1. am I thinking correct Conny-g I looked for the UM2s holder and found this when Im looking at your pics have you cut this or have you used iRoberts equivalent part that slots in at the UM2 back.
  2. I have sliced a print with S3d with standby temps of 170 so hopefully will work,, I got the profile from the forum some time ago.. I use S3D a lot but understand Cura is better for the Mark 2 but I think your limited to the version of Cura to run (I could be wrong) I lost count how many threads I read.
  3. Conny_g had a look at your design which I have downloaded, your also using iRobert Design? did you use the mount that originally fits on back of UM2?? iRobert did, and what size of thread print bar, are you using mine is 48mm long but your looks a lot longer was it the 90mm he did.
  4. Conny_g thank you for taking the time in answering will check that link out gr5 thank you for your input, unfortunately space says a spool holder is to be used, and complete agree about the force needed, that is why I like iRoberts so much it is completely free of any force needed..
  5. Hi All I'm finally coming to finishing my Mark 2 Upgrade and only the Z offset calibration to print, I want to use a better Fillament Holder I use iRoberts Ballraced holder at moment and printed a Holder for the second real that hangs on the side, im using Bondetch extruders and thought of printing the UM3 holder, has anyone seen a nice design that would be good to use with my setup. any suggestions appreciated.
  6. Tinkergnome thanks for explaining, I managed to get the 3mm screw in BUT the amount of tension that is on the dock is concerning!! I will re print the std wedges in flex, and throw the STL Flex wedge in the Bin.
  7. ok I downloaded the Flex Wedge from the Mark 2 Git Hub Sight and printed in in N-Gen Flex I fitted it to the UM2 as you can see it wont fit,, am I being dim hear ?? I measured it against the STD Wedge the centre height of the 3 mill screw is 7.27 from base on flex wedge and 6.28 on std wedge a difference of 1mm how is this supposed to fit??? any help I don't particularly want to re print as the UM2 is now in bits..
  8. sorry hit post by mistake I was saying I have a lot of them and wanted to use them up when the Mark 2 head comes up and working....
  9. Is the Matchless from 3D Solex compatible with the Nozzles from E3D I know the thread is the same ?? I have a lot of the
  10. I'm getting around to try and finish my Mark 2 Mod after trashing the head at the last attempt??, and re printing All the head Parts when it comes to the Flex Wedges what infill is recommended. any advise welcome.
  11. bob-hepple

    Static Model Traction engine

    Orr Forgot the tyres are Colour Fab Ngen Flex
  12. bob-hepple

    Static Model Traction engine

    Thank you all for your kind comments The Model is fully printed NO paint work involved, except for the lettering on the front which is marker pen on raised txt. I used print temp 195 Fillamentum Vertigo Grey Fillamentum Ruby Red Fillamentum Traffic yellow Colour Fab Mat Black A std Grey (was a sample from a show) And Elixire Gold Rush for the Bling Bling (which I hated to print with no good for small parts) to much z scarring and could not get S3D to print with it, I had to use Cura all the other parts where printed with S3D Glad you all liked it.
  13. I usually make from scratch and design, but just liked the idea of a static model.
  14. I'm In the North East Durham Area.

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