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  1. Brand new Ultimaker 2 for sale I am selling this brand new printer, because I bought two for a project and finally I am just going to need one. The printer has never been unpackaged. It is sold with all what the package contains. The printer is located in UK - Guildford. I am looking to sell it for £1700, however I will also be listening to reasonable offers. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to PM me or ask it here. Thanks, Pol - feik2.0@gmail.com
  2. Yes, the print worked now. Running a second print with the same settings.
  3. I am also using a custom fan base ( I'll try to reduce the fan speed as well. I am currently trying a print that failed the last 5 times but right now I am printing it with only 60% fan speed.
  4. This error es driving me crazy! I've got several failed prints. After upgrading again to 14.12.1 and doing the factory reset. The first print came out with no problems but the second print had the same problem. I have to say that I tuned some parameters. I don't know if this could cause the error.
  5. I have printed the fan base with the original ultimaker blue PLA. To avoid heat problems I used a thin sheet of aluminium (coke can) around the hot-end. I have no problems with the air-flow interfering the nozzle so far. Please tell me if you have any.
  6. https://www.youmagine.com/designs/fan-base-um2 I guess that we all can agree that the OEM fan base for the UM2 it's not the best. After trying different https://www.youmagine.com/designs/fanduct-another-idea, I had an idea to improve the quality of the prints even more: focus the air flow more towards the nozzle. This way the plastic will solidify quicker, hence the quality when doing big overhangs or bridging should be improved. The differences are considerable when compared with the original fan base. In order to test it I have printed the original ultimaker robot .gcode with the OEM fanb
  7. Thanks for the feedback. I am now working on release2. Which will allow users to actually create a profile and save and download the models they create. I am also working on different models to customise such as phone cases or go pro accessories. If people want anything in particular I am open to any idea. The applications are made in Javascript and I am using three.js (WebGL) for the rendering. Which product would you like to customise?
  8. I've tried to use Matter Control http://www.mattercontrol.com but it is not handy for the UM machines. It doesn't support UltiGcode.
  9. I just wanted to ask the community if there is a "smart" way to store the 3D files. So far I am just storing them in a file structure classified in folders. Each project has a folder with all the different file extensions in there: .stl, .gcode, etc. I try to use a naming structure that makes sense, but sometimes is difficult to guess what is inside the file. The SolidWorks files at least have a thumbnail that give you an idea of what is inside the file without having to open them. But for .stl or .gcodes or other formats I need to use specific software to open them. It will be useful to h
  10. I also quite happy with the service. My "central" fan on my UM2 make a lot of noise. I raised a ticket with a video attached. They diagnosed that the bearing on the fan was broken and they sent me the replacement in record time. Replaced the fan I now my UM2 a lot more quiet! I have to thank illuminarti for this one as well.
  11. Spirit your design is impressive. Where did you get the belts from?
  12. I requested mine on Monday, but I haven´t received any email yet.
  13. This is an interesting blog entry about 3D printing material recycling http://i.materialise.com/blog/entry/recycling-3d-printing-materials-4-possible-solutions They say that PLA is quite difficult to recycle, but the post is more than 3 years old so I hope some processes are already in place to recycle them. About creating a recycling bot for creating new filament from residues (excluding the fact re-heating a plastic can change its properties even if it is a thermo-plastic) one of the trickiest things would be the diameter tolerances I guess.
  14. Hi all, I launched a 3D modelling and printing service (http://zetoff.com). The goal is to allow people to easily 3D model printable designs. On the website you´ll be able to access two applications that will allow you two design two types of objects so far: vases and bracelets. (I am working other apps such us phone cases). Right now you can only customise and buy the 3d printed objects, but I am also thinking on adding the capability to download the models for those who already have a 3D printer. It would be great if you guys try the apps. Obviously any feedback is more than welc
  15. Hi guys, I am another noob with a new UM2 (I received mine 3 weeks ago). So far it has been printing well. I had to dissemble the feeder once as some plastic was left inside after the filament broke when I was changing material. Since then I started to notice some ticking noises in the feeder. Check this video: http://www.youtube.com/embed/SHaJ6L-FfB0 I managed to fix this increasing the tension on the spring. However I am still hearing a ticking noise, but I am not sure where it is coming from. Please check the following video: http://www.youtube.com/embed/coJ5zYlGBnk Does it seem n
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