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  1. Thank you for all the information. I took the unit apart and pushed the temp sensor (which is new) in all the way and put it back together and the problem seemed to get worse, it's now maxing out around 115C. I tried feeding the filament through and it wouldn't go, so I guess that means that the temperature really is only 115C. So, now the question is do I need to replace the heater or is there something that I can do to solve this? Thanks, Taber
  2. Hi, Well I just replaced the extruder head and the temp sensor. I put it all back together and tried to print a test, but the print head only seems to get to 155C and then just stops. I'm pretty sure the heater is good because I used it to melt the ABS out of my old head. Since I didn't really have any instructions on re-assembling this thing, I have a few questions... - Are you supposed to use any thermal grease around the heater or just shove it in the head as far as it will go? - How far is the temp sensor supposed to go in? If you push it in as far as it will go, then the wire is pretty far in. It didn't seem like my last one was like this. Any thermal grease on this piece? Any thoughts on what might be causing the temperature to not get hot enough? Are there assembly disassembly instructions for the head assembly anywhere? Thanks! T
  3. HI, I'm in the middle of doing this four-part print myself. My UM2 made it half-way up the arches and clogged. I'm wondering how I can figure out the height where it clogged and restart the print where it is. Is there a tutorial or post that describes how to restart a print like gr5 mentioned above? Thanks, T
  4. I guess I should be part of the "testing" team ... that plastic housing should not be symmetric or have a feature to prevent it sitting flush when it's put on backwards I think it is finally working ,,, finished my first print ... looks like it needs a little fine-tuning. Thanks! T
  5. Hi, I received my new UM 2 a few days ago and have yet to make a successful print. At First, the unit was making load noises on startup. I discovered that the rear shaft had popped out from the side during shipping. I was able to level the table and feed material and had several failed prints (the material seems to keep globing up on the extruder and the pulls the print off the table. I tried both PLA and ABS, with the same result. During a material change, the feeder jammed up. I couldn't get the material out. When I looked at it, it looked the feeder was going backward (trying to push it out when it should have been trying to reload it). I took it apart and cleaned it out. After putting it back together (material now out), the feeder is definitely going backwards. I did a factory reset and it is still going backwards (it is trying to push it out on material load, both the initial low speed and the secondary high speed). Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks, T
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