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  1. if you have a lot of retraction points in each layer, the feeder might have flattened a portion of the filament and cant grip it well enough to keep up. If thats the case, decreasing the length of retractions should help. I've had this problem several times before.
  2. I know a few weeks ago or so Ultimaker announced its intention to have a dual extruder ready by Q1 2015. I haven't heard much since. How is that coming?
  3. Does the print have a lot of retraction points? if you are confident that you cleared any possible jams if there were any, another cause might be that your print has repetitive retraction points that aren't allowing the filament to extrude before it retracts again to move onto the next point. I have had several prints that required several layers layers to consistently retract over an over and not allowing the filament to fully extrude for that point before it moved on. Try decreasing the length of retraction, it might make some stringy bits between those gaps its jump but are easily broken off. I will sometimes drop the preset from 4.5mm to (2-3mm), but I am on a UM2 so it might be different for a UM1. Hope this Helps!
  4. Hi guys, I was reading through some forums and found tons of different ones referencing upgrades and things they would like to see in the future from Ultimaker or 3D printing in general, but none that were discussing a few ideas I had. I wanted to know what people would think of the ability to print while on the go? I keep my Ultimaker 2 at home but there are times that I wish I had it at work to print out some designs that are work relevant. Or I might be traveling and design something that I would love to print but can't start the print until I get home. I was wondering what It would take to be able to send prints to your printer from anywhere? and I don't mean anywhere in the house, I mean be able to send a file for my printer to start printing from anywhere. So the print is already several hours into the print by the time I'm home. I thought that would be absolutely awesome! I am a mechanical engineer so my understanding of programming is not sufficient enough to completely understand what it would take. My thoughts are along the lines of re-purposing the set up that current paper printers use to print from anywhere without being in room. From what I've read it sounds like the UM2's built in hardware is not set up for wifi upgrade just yet so I imagine that is another obstacle to overcome. Let me know your thoughts! and if you have any ideas of your own for outlandish upgrades feel free to post them! Thanks!
  5. Hi, I haven't used boolean software in a few years, I primarily use solidworks now, so I may not be too helpful but I remember running into problems with infill if the boolean union had scrambled geometry due to crazy curves. I also just started using meshmaker for creating my own custom support for my prints, and I noticed that the program is used primarily for making boolean meshes. its free you should check it out if the problem persists. Sorry I'm not more helpful, figured I should toss out a few ideas.
  6. Thanks! I feel foolish! I can't believe all this time I had not confirmed my account. That explains a lot! thanks!
  7. When i click on gallery, there isn't an option to Upload anywhere. Do I need to become a more senior member then Newbie?
  8. I am looking for a way to upload photos of my prints and designs either to my profile or in general to ultimaker. How do i do that? Also when i was trying to load a profile picture it would not let me. any ideas? thanks!
  9. I too have been curious about this, I have seen videos of people mapping rooms with them but I don't recall the file format. If it does not use OBJ or STL as a native file there has to be a program out there to convert the file into a usable one. Also check out kinect studio, at least thats what i think it is called, its a program from Microsoft for enable kinect with other applications.
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