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  1. Best example of how to ask the right question 😳!!! Separately from not not caring much about (saving) different materials, i apparently never read that FAQ 😎. This helps a lot of course ! Thank you tinkergnome and sorry for the late answer.
  2. Thank you very much @Diving Duck and @ahoeben for the workaround and further explanations!!! Since i wasn't printing that much different materials the last 2 years, i was wondering because my Ultimaker original (Marlin) somehow (somewhen) was showing Materials and the Ultimaker2 not. And it's no fun having 20 different materialsettings namend "custom1 - 20" on your UM2, because you're not able to export material settings/names ( didn't think about changing the printer 😎)... so now i know a little bit more about g-code flavor 🧐 Thank you guys!
  3. hmmm, sad that ultimaker don't support their old mashines in newer cura builds :-/...
  4. I recently updated to cura 4.5. But under preferences it doesn't show any materials, the Appdata->Roaming->cura->4.5 folder is empty. When i go to the marketplace it tells me all generic and unltimaker profiles are installed. i can install additional materials, they show up as xml files in materials folder, but somehow cura won't load them. can my ultimaker2 read material profiels in xml format? I already deinstalled every old versions and cleand my user account data, but nothing changed.
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