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  1. So if material is drooping out of the nozzle you could have the temperature too high so the plastic is running quite a bit. Also make sure you have retraction turned on in your print settings, that causes the plastic to be pulled back. I would try turning down the temperature a touch. As for the short belt issue, there are two stepper motors that control the x and y directions of the print head. Sometimes those motors can move up a bit causing the short belts (look where the stepper motors are, they are the pully belts attached to the stepper motor) to become loose. This makes slip, wh
  2. so my friends are setting up a print center, they had purchased a MB 5th gen, UM2 extended and a Robo3D. I told them not to buy the MB 5th, gen but they decided to anyways. Well 4 months down the road, the MB5th gen doesn't work and has been nothing but problems, the Robo3D is working but the quality isn't the best, where as the UM2 extended in their words is "killing it" in terms of 3d print quality. So I have used alot of different printers, I like the UM2, mainly because its extremely easy to service and the software is great. plus the quality and speed is top class.
  3. to clarify I would try a cool head lift time of around 10 seconds, see if that helps. Its under the advanced tab
  4. You can also trying printing at a slightly lower temperature, that might make it better.
  5. I had a Similiar issue, First make sure your fans are actually spinning when printing. Second if they are, you need to try a cool head lift, basically this usually happens when the plastic hasn't been given enough time to cool before trying to print the next layer. Also It looks like you may need to tighten your short belts, as your infil is not touching the sides properly on that print.
  6. Hi Guys, Just wanted to share with everyone an update on project we have been working on. Here is the new hand! I have attached a video that shows some of the function of the new hand. Hope you enjoy it! If you want more pictures and some info on what we are doing you can check out www.victoriahandproject.com
  7. I have the same Issue. There was another post about this about a week ago where the fellow had a good video. He had to send his Ultimaker back.
  8. Interesting I am having the same Issue. I will try and reload the firmware and maybe try deleting the card information.
  9. Also I find gray tends to be the most likely to underextrude of the colors I have tried from UM. Plus .25 is a pretty large layer height, so I would try decreasing the layer height for your next print. Specially with gray.
  10. No we are not, however its been really neat to see the terrific job you guys have been doing. Helping people is the name of the game and we hope that we will be able to participate in some form or another.
  11. The hand is purely mechanical, It is used with a shoulder harness which is pretty standard for body actuated prosthetics.
  12. Hey Everyone, Just thought I would take some time to share with you a newly designed 3d Printed prosthetic that our University has been working on. The prosthetic is called Victoria, after where it is being developed. The prosthetic will eventually be released as an open source hand available for people to modify as they see fit. Its still being developed, but we feel we have it in a state for now where we can start demonstrating it and seeing what people think. Hope you like it!
  13. I understand, but I have had around 6 prints fail in the exact same spot. Its more just the first spot where it skips. Also I know the spool issue, however the spools are quite new with only around 30% of the spool being used so far. Its definitely an issue with the Z axis or the encoder, I just don't know if there is anything I can do to try and fix the issue
  14. Ok I think its fixed, didn't know my album was private
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