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  1. 3.1 is even slower to start and is crashing as soon as I select a printer. IT only slices with the UM2+ selected not my other printer. I've managed exactly 1 printable file from it.
  2. Is there a timeline for adding custom supports as an option in cura. Sometimes you just don't need as much as suggested.
  3. I love seeing that they can use OpenSCAD and its great for them to learn, But they are going to hate you when they discover parametric CAD. Software like FreeCAD allows them to use the OpenSCAD language but when you're tired of spending 10 minutes on a cube you can switch to the part option and just draw. Prusa use OpenSCAD and Freecad to draw all their printer parts.
  4. Its been bugging me for the last year or so but I didn't know why. And there no point in moaning about it unless you have a solution to offer, right? So the old version of cura has always been great for beginners they're not bombarded with options there are literally around 10 options to change and if you want to fiddle more you go to the advanced tab. Thats whats missing in 2,x and above. You can choose what options you want to include and setup a for basic options but where all scared we miss something and what if you do want to change something you didn't include as an option. So we sit with the 200 options available custom tab. and I can't see how changing the regular/maximum speed threshold will add anything to my print quality but there's no way I'm turning it off because what if I want to use it. On to the solution, under the old version recommended was quickprint and custom was full settings. Add that option in so that quickprint gives you recommended and custom as it is now , but full settings changes the tabs to a basic and advanced option. So you can pick the basic settings and you view regular settings for a printer and advanced shows you everything. ( it can be that there are two tick boxes in the view settings so you can choose what to view under basic and what under advanced.) but honestly I'd default it to the same options under the basic and advanced tabs in 15.04.6 for the basic tabs and everything under the advanced one. It will simplify the interface while giving you access to all the settings if you want to.
  5. Last piece of the puzzle the Atom Netbook. (the CCC fixed the other machine as expected ) The Atom Machine doesn't have andything ATI in but the OpenGL error seems to be related. If you go into the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver there is a button for 3D settings. (the flat 3D not our kind, printer humor :-) ) that opens an OpenGl settings window with a list of options. Under "Depth Buffer Bit Depth" change it from 16Bit to 24Bit Depth Buffer. Close and open Cura and test if its working. That worked in my case. Thanks Daid for the 16bit colour hint its immediately drew my attention when I saw this and thought it maybe related.
  6. Is there a way to resolve that conflict with Freecad? Also result on the other machine with Intel graphics and yet still relater to ATI Drivers. /the machine the drive came from had an ATI card and CCC stays on even if you don't have an ATI card in anymore. I found and ran the ATI Catalyst Removal Tool it removed it all and after that the Intel driver detector actually identified the card and allowed the correct drivers to download and install. Result is it works as it should. I'm loading the CCC on the 3rd machine ( has ATI Card ) to see if the resolution replicates there, but it's looking good. the 4th machine a atom netbook hasn't had anything ATI near it and is 32 bit Win7 so not sure anything I've done here applies but I canlive with 3/4 machine working as it should.
  7. Last night I started from the beginning and tried to work through everything. I tried reinstalling Pyton as I get an error every time I exit but that wasnt it. ( I beleive its Freecad related but not what Im fixing now) I noticed that when I switch to overhang view I get an openGL error so re-looked at the drivers The laptop's ATI graphics the latest drivers by the manufacturer loaded. I downloaded the lastes ATI CCC and installed that and behold the openGL error is gone and I can select objects again. Im moving on to the seccond machine this morning to see if I can find a similar result but Intel graphics are proving a little harder to find stock drivers for.
  8. in my case I can see the selected model is lighter and drag that around the build plate. It not however allowing me to select any other parts so I cant move them. What I end up doing is pushing them with the part I can select off the build plate so they dont print. and then deleting the active part reverts the selection to the next part loaded. It does that for stal files that where split into parts and if I load 2 parts seperately.
  9. Latest drivers on all of them no colour correction but will check to confirm. ( may be on the one with ati but its unlikely that it is) The one that was working before the laptop expired had ATI in and the catalyst contorl center is still install but I cant get it it without an ATI card so cant fully remove it. will go looking for an uninstaller. I also have a couple on VM's will maybe try with one of them, but slicing like that may be agony. Im going to put another Hdd in the one machine do a fresh install and see if its different
  10. All on Windows 7, 64bit for 3 of the machines and the Atom netbook is 32 bit mainly intel onboard graphics and the one has a ati card in.
  11. OK thats didnt work either I found a ATI card tried it and also not working. - And I was sure it might be that. going to try and see if I uninstall and reintall the display card after cura's installed.
  12. But it seems to be doing it on all of my PC's now. The only difference I can see is that my old laptop had ATI graphics and I dont have another one with the others are intel or nvidia cards. Any idea if that could be the case. Else anything else I coud try to do that may fix it.
  13. Has anyone else noticed that in Cura slicer that some machine don't allow you to move objects around on the build plate. I think its related to the graphics card or driver, as I had a laptop with a ATI graphics card that got damaged and I swapped the HDD to a laptop with Intel graphics. I could move objects before and not it wont allow me. I have a couple of other machine with Intel graphics and they all seem to have the problem.I thought it was just something like an arb version of .net and never thought much about it till I moved the Hdd and the installation is 100% the sameas it was its just different HW of which most notibly the change was the Graphics card. It occured to me that some people may not even know theyre missing it as they may never have used it
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