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  1. The "Add 3D Print Gallery" button is broken. I tried and I tried.. I made another post by adding an image gallery and it worked, so go ahead and delete this and your post
  2. I've been designing my own test pens for a while now. They feature sleek designs with replaceable ink cartridges (standard BIC pen guts). This is close to the final design and my first time printing with Woodfill (on UMO+ 0.4mm nozzle). I'm also attaching my Cura settings in case anyone needs them. Edit 1: I did 2 "atomic pulls" as soon as it finished printing and the nozzle cleaned easily.
  3. Version 1.0


    New print
  4. Bring our chat back! (It would be nice if you connected it to the freenode #ultimaker channel.)
  5. Hi again SandervG, can you please confirm that order 1527941 is shipping this week like you said a few days ago ? Thanks in advance!
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